22 Responses to “New Pepsi Logo”

  1. Nissa says:

    I think the logo is too generick. It has less origonality then a button. Thats just my opinon though. You should have a contest to design a better logo.

  2. LogosGuide says:

    hi Nissa,
    I agree with you in contest. this is good solution for all

    thanks for comment

  3. Ayham says:

    i think the old one of 2001 was better
    i think it was stronger

  4. Jeany says:

    Actually, I think this logo is kind of interesting. It’s kind of similar to Obama’s logo. Not only that, but pepsi has different logos for each of their different sodas. Pepsi max has a larger white middle, while pepsi 0 has a smaller white middle. It’s simplistic, but kind of creative in its take.

  5. LogosGuide says:

    hi ayham,
    actually, all Pepsi logos are catchy special from 1998 to now.
    thanks for your comment.
    keep in touch

  6. LogosGuide says:

    hi Jeany,
    yeah there is a small different between the logos. if you focus on all logos, you will not see a big different between the logos. Pepsi like circle shape :) I think your analysis is very good
    thank you so much
    keep in touch

  7. cdg says:

    I think it will take some time for this logo to sink in the brains of consumers.

  8. Sonya says:

    wow… i think the new one is really really bad. 2001 was definitely the strongest but even the old ones are better than the new one. it’s so wanna-be! thats my opinion

  9. tom says:

    like thirr products, the logo id just generic, and just not very good. their promotions are annoying as hell, too! love that $2.6 judgment against them for be complete idiots as well.

  10. casandrajx says:

    This is the stupidest thing i;v ever seen. This logo cant even be described as retro. Its prehistoric. My 2 year old son’s scribbled lines look better than this crap.

  11. sweendog says:

    Changing a logo should not be entered into lightly no matter how “with the times” it may be. Consumers tend to resist change so although a logo needs to stay fresh, changing it should only happen once a generation (20 years or so).

  12. junmur says:

    for me i prefer the 2001.it is simple and cool….

  13. It’s hard to say whether this is good, nonetheless only time will tell, as with most excellent design.

  14. Skew SKU says:

    Guess where I work 😉 Yeah, that’s right…
    And I dislike the new logo

  15. Hi friends,

    I think that 2001 logo was the beat it the above all logo. anyways its company policy what we could do? we just do our work for PepsiCo India Holding Pvt. Ltd.

  16. agree says:

    i agree with athar. the 2001 is the best. the 2009 version is the worst. the 2009 version is too clean and is imho not suitable for a soft drink brand. looks more like a dentist logo or something.

  17. Logo says:

    wow! what a change in logo colours and font…

  18. Scott says:

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    Ꮋеrе іѕ mу
    wеƅѕitе гοϲκеtѕрacе.cօm; Scott,

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