Google Wave


Google has declare about the new logo of its new product Google Wave that helps users communicate and collaborate on the web.


Google still maintain about its color, and it is try to use these colors in every thing has relevance in its products.

What is the inspiration of Google Wave Logo ?


My Opinion :

Actually, I was expect  better inspiration for this logo, the designer not provide a awesome idea “inspiration” for this logo. The idea of  make “W” with wave shape is not a new idea, it is very traditional idea.!!

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    1. Islam Najeh says:

      Although I don’t know more about designing, but i wonder what he can do better!?

      I think it’s a good and significant logo :-/

    2. LogosGuide says:

      Hi Islam,
      as i said earlier, it is not worst logo, but he can do better becouse this is not a new idea or a great idea…it is traditional idea

      thanks for comment

    3. anvesh says:

      yes .. its traditional ..
      but i feel that nowadays its like … for a wellestablished brand .. its the product that sells(gives importance) to the logo instead of logo selling the product .. soo google making this logo look traditional(like its other products) seems obvious ..

      its not bad :)

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