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Logo design process of Destinations Of The World Co.


I have finished from new logo design project for company called “Destinations Of The World” for Traveling and Tourism.

The Creative Brief :

Destinations Of The World is a company that provide a set of services like traveling and tourism.

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Top 100 brands by social media engagement


Did you know what is the biggest brands which do the great job with social media on the internet? Charlene Li provide a new study of the Altimeter Group and Wetpaint ranks the top 100 brands by social media engagement.

The report talk about the famous and top 100 brands through more than 10 social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, wikis and blogs.

This report adopted in the evaluation of its on a points and Starbucks scored the highest with 127 points.  The top ten brands are :

1. Starbucks (127)
2. Dell (123)
3. eBay (115)
4. Google (105)
5. Microsoft (103)
6. Thomson Reuters (101)
7. Nike (100)
8. Amazon (88)
9. SAP (86)
10.Yahoo!/Intel (85)

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