Top 33 Best Logo Design Processes of 2009

An overview for designers and students at Logo Talks about the best Logo Design processes which have been published in 2009. In this round up we have coolected 33 of the most popular Logo Design Processes from 2009. Have a look, see how logo designs works and maybe even draw inspiration for your own logo design.

Time Lapse Study

Video shows creating a logo for a company is quite a task to undertake each time. Process goes from simple doodling, sketching to creating a vector model of the logo in Illustrator. Watch this  video to see the whole process of creating logo.

Designer : Richard Darell

sponsr logo design process

David Pache display the process of making logo and type for company called sponsr from Orlando,Florida connecting sponsors to event promoters, venues and producers. This process serves as an insight into his creative designs.

Designer : David Pache

Zee Logo in Illustrator

Zee is brazilian company. It is one of those rare companies that does things fast, without much talk, and with better results than expected. This process show how to make nice logo in Illustrator

Designer : Fabio Sasso

Destinations Of The World

Destinations Of The World is a company that provide a set of services like traveling and tourism. company wanted to pick up in their logo is simplicity and clarity and use the D and W letters, this article show that

Designer : Otba Mushaweh

Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

Vivid Ways is a new blog focusing on the topic of personal development and colourful living, it aims to inspire and encourage readers through ideas and tips on how to live an amazing life. This logo design process and a walkthrough of how the final logo is created in Adobe Illustrator.

Designer : Chris Spooner

Corporate Identity for Directed Edge

Another creative design from David Pache that shows the process of making logo for Directed Edge Company as web-based company which gathers statistical data such as purchase and click histories and offers recommendations to its users.

Designer : David Pache

How to Design the Firefox Logo in Photoshop

Do you like Firefox’s logo ? This tutorial will go through how you can create the Firefox logo in a scalable Photoshop format.

Designer : Henry John Hoffman

Design a Print-Ready Beer Label in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to design special logo via use full-featured Adobe illustrator CS3. This one takes you from setup to production of a really cool beer label, although this could be useful for any bottled concoction of your choosing.

Designer : Alan Ballard


This case study provides full creative brief and progress images from start to final about WebMYnd’s logo Read on to find out how David got inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s art.

Designer : David Pache


Dryicons going to design and develop a logo for an imaginary company, called “LTD”, short from Logo Tutorial by DryIcons. This tutorial is intended to benefit both our potential clients, so they can have a fully comprehensive overview of our logo design process and methods; and many of our users, interested in the process of designing and developing a logo.

Designer : Dryicons

troove logo design process

Troove is a company based in Mountain View, CA. They originally started out as a search engine to allow the user to find structured business applications for download, Its name meaning “to find”. Its french word ‘trouve’.

Designer : David Pache

Brainstorm Logo Process

Brainstorming is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem. See how the designer thinking in this logo.

Designer : Fabio Sasso

Firefish Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to design Firefish logo, mascot based on the Firefox logo, and mimic the fire effect using the pen tool and gradients.

Designer : Jonathan Olsen

LatitudeSouth creative process

LatitudeSouth is a new enterprise offering a fresh direction in legal services outsourcing. Working with clients all over the world, their New Zealand origins were of importance to the company.

Designer : David Pache

The Logo Design Process for Ultimate Potential

Ultimate Potential is a life balance business that offers a variety of services that improves ones lifestyle, body and mind. Ultimate Potential offers workshops, camps, programs, personal training, life training and more.

Designer : Jacob Cass

Smashing Network Logo and Badge Design Process

Smashing Magazine has new network with new logo. See what is the story behind this logo and how it should be close to the original brand .

Designer : Graham Smith

UKE From Start To Finish

UKE for short sells unique arrangements of chocolate as an alternative to gift baskets. UKE targets a more upscale market due to the time to make and cost of the product.

Designer : Jacob Cass

HotBox Studios

HotBox Studios is a company based in South East England specialising in creative animation and design. The aim is to follow my design process from start to finish and to serve as interesting reading for the design community.

Designer : David Pache

Giacom brand identity design

Giacom’s ideal customers are small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a company as business-to-business Internet services provider (ISP). Read the logo design process to know how it works .

Designer : David Airey

Vero design from Start to Finish

Vero offers restaurants, cafes, and hotels an eco-friendly bottled water alternative. The company uses the latest in microprocessor-controlled, water-purification technology to purify, chill, and carbonate (if needed) tap water at the point of use. see the process to know how the logo done.

Designer : Jacob Cass

Special Need logo design process

A Special Need is a nanny agency devoted to providing nannies experienced in special needs to parents. The brand new company was in need of a logo to represent their services and online blog that helps parents and professionals. Learn  how to planning when you design a logo .

Designer : Brian Hoff

Mindberry logo design process

mindberry GmbH is a company based in Vienna, Austria who offers consulting and project management services to their clients. They have created the business in Austria with the view to expand to service UK, German and eventually US clients.

Designer : David Pache

Henri Ehrhart brand identity design

Henri Ehrhart is a French wine producer in the Alsace region. It has been operating for more than 50 years, and is focused on standard and medium range wines.

Designer : David Airey

Luuk Hartsema

To create an identity that was truly unique the designer studied contemporary art and modern architecture. Researching this allowed for high level of creativity and also a great deal of inspiration. See how it works.

Designer : Euan MacKenzie

Identity Design Process for Butterfield Photography

Butterfield Photography is run by Maria and Robert Butterfeild, who both focus on two different areas of photography – wedding / family photography and commerical / sport photography.

Designer : Jacob Cass

Spokane Ad Fed’s Grape & Grain Logo Design Process

Grape & Grain is Spokane’s premier wine and beer event featuring some of the northwest’s finest wineries and breweries. The tasting and auction is one of AAF Spokane’s major fundraising events.

Designer : Jeremy Bolton

JMR Insurance Group

JMR Insurance Group is an insurance company primarily located in Florida. Step by step learn how to sketching works well.

Designer : Brian Yerkes

Logo Design: RED ROBIN

The logo design process comes from the costume redesigned by Neal Adams, and the rest was a group effort by several designers. Learn how to work with characters and type.

Designer : Todd

Logo design process revealed in 23 steps – bonfx –

Learn how the creative brainstorming process works and how the logo design process flows along all the way to the final vector art.

Designer : Douglas Bonneville

Seasoned Greetings logo design process

Seasoned Greetings is a collective for sharing and discovering unique recipes. Made possible by Ypartnership, it was initially created for the holiday season but it has the potential to grow far beyond.

Designer : Avery Smith

Logo design process revealed – Past Week

Did you know, you can get inspiration from anywhere. ! learn how to do that.

Designer : QMTK DSGN

Logo Design Process for Rudra

Rudra is an event management / wedding planning company based out of Chandigarh. Follow the research and conceptualization

Designer : Paul Singh

Step By Step Design: Thomas & Gray Logo

Thomas & Gray represents taking a step back from the over-consumption and overproduction of throwaway furniture. They return to the values of custom craftsmanship and quality. Thomas & Gray makes custom furniture that becomes a family heirloom.

Designer : Mario Ocon

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