Reviews for LogoLounge Series

Logo Lounge is another type of gallary on the internet and bookstores. Each book has 2,000 highly organized logos and brand were selected yearly from more than 30,000 submissions. LogoLounge‘s books have quickly become the best selling series of logo design books in the Rockport line. On the other hand, LogoLounge’s site has more than 120,000 logos. Also there are a thousands of members represent every day their logos on it. The members of LogoLounge site can see all the works submitted to past, present or future books. The work of the members from over 100 countries around the world.

The series of LogoLounge books started with introduction for Bill Gardner. He talks about the achievements of LogoLounge in the past year and what had happen? How much logos was submitted? what the designers did? what are the new features? and so on .


After Bill finished his introduction, The authors tell us something about the jurors – They have been changed in each version – to talk and comment about some logos and brand. The jurors like Louis Lygo, Jerry Kuyper, Haley Johnson, Janet Martin, Connie Birdsall, Graham Purnell, Emanuela Frigerio and so on.


portraits is one of the most major and inspiration section in LogoLounge. It is including some of the famous brands and identities that designed in the last year by large design firms.

For example, LogoLounge 3 was talked about the logo for 2008 Beijing Olympics and how the design is built on the ancient chinese art of seal cutting and on an actual chinese character.

Biomax biodiesel identiy is another example of portrait in LogoLounge 4. It is created by Sebastiany Branding of Sao Paolo, Brazil, are very different from what other biodiesel and especially traditional diesel manufacturers use to represent themselves.

Collections and Sketches

The collections and sketches are the biggest section in the book. It has 2,000 international logos and identities by leading designers around the world. This diverse collection offers a wealth of inspiration and insights for graphic designers and their clients .

LogoLounge features the works of professional designers and firms such as Interbrand, Turner Duckworth, Pentagram, Desgrippes Gobe, FutureBrand and Siegel+Gale.

another example for logo was published in LogoLounge 4. The Logo for Bay Area Radio Museum.

Search Properties

The feature of search in LogoLounge site and book is very helpful for designers to find what they are looking for. Furthermore, you have the ability to search by keywords, industry, designer, date, client and style .

About the authors :

Bill Gardner

President of Gardner Design and has produced work for Thermos, Learjet, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Kroger, Hallmark, Cargill Corporation, and the Athens Olympics of 2004. His work has been featured in Communication  Arts, Print, Graphis, New York Art Directors Annual, Step Inside Design, Mead Top 60, The Museum of Modern Art, and many other national and international exhibitions.

Cathy Fishel

Freelance writer and editor who specializes in graphic design. She is the author of many books on the subject; contributes to many magazines, including Print and Communication Arts.

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    5 Responses to “Reviews for LogoLounge Series”

    1. Robby KKMOZ says:

      On the other hand, I’m interested in the font the books use..
      Anyone know what it is?

    2. Hi Robby,
      Actually, it is a custom typeface they invented, It is called “logolounge” They drew the characters and had them turned into a font by a local foundry, Baseline Fonts. Only the publisher of LL has it (Rockport)and LogoLounge.
      By the way, They also use HELVETICA typeface .

    3. Apolo says:

      On the other hand, I’m interested in the font the books use..
      Anyone know what it is?

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