The 2010 World Cup Logo

The FIFA World Cup, is an international football competition contested by the men’s national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The most recent World Cup was held in Germany in 2006. The next World Cup will be held in South Africa, between 11 June and 11 July 2010, and the 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil.

In Points :

» World Cup has professional logo designs from Brazil in 1950 to South Africa in 2010.

» The World Cup has changed its logo every four years.

» The FIFA prepared and plans for the event before years of the inception.

» The brand mark of World Cup for 2022 in Qatar was developed by leading global brand consultancy, FutureBrand.

» The slogan for the 2010 tournament is “Win with Africa in Africa.”

» The public are growing to like the 2010 World Cup logo as 64% of South Africans indicated their approval, Compared to the previous quarters rating of 55%.

» The logo itself is an African map, with the stripes of the South African flag (blue, green, red, yellow, black, and white).

» The 2010 FIFA World Cup logo was designed and developed by Switch Design Firm.

Point of view

We asked Robert L. Peters about his opinion in the logo of world Cup for 2010 :

When it comes to identities for international sporting events, I’m really not a fan of cluttered amalgams that attempt to “shoe-horn” many disparate elements into a single identity (in fact, this collage approach contradicts the very purpose and essence of identity… a clearly recognizable “persona.”) My all-time favorite World Cup logos are :

1) Mexico, 1970

2) Italy, 1990

3) Argentina 1978.

All are distinct, clear and memorable.

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    11 Responses to “The 2010 World Cup Logo”

    1. The chosen South Africa 2010 Fifa World Cup brandmark is extremely poor.

      This concept should have been chosen… http://bit.ly/bxps3e

      Pearls to swine…


    2. Kári Emil says:

      I just don’t like the encasing. I feel like that white box with that blue swoosh on the bottom should go. It would be much stronger on its own, in my opinion. And without the gradients.

    3. It looks a little cluttered. I would have taken out the footballer and just had the simplified African map in the flag colours. But hey, it’s still better than London 2012! For that reason, I can’t agree with Andrew Sabatier above. That alternative is very arty but would say nothing to the average football fan round the world. Those classic logos, though, are perfect and still memorable all these years later.

    4. @Andrew, Can you tell me who designed it?

      @Kári It just one of many designs for the logo,

      @Val I think so, the footballer needs some amendments!

    5. @Otba David Holland of http://www.idholland.com when he was at Enterprise IG (now The Brand Union)

    6. World Cup! Most entertaining games on the face of the earth.

    7. Insaneman says:

      Mexico logo is the best in the WORLD CUP HISTORY

    8. TwoFourFixate says:

      What I find so interesting about the 2010 World Cup Logo—and I haven’t seen any comments about this yet—is that the black image of the footballer also represents a map of the world.

      Very well done !!

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