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Inspiration series: Logo Design Part 1

The Greeks believed that inspiration came from the deep thinking, and thinking is the process by which these concepts are perceived and manipulated. Thinking allows beings to design and to represent it according to their objectives, desires and plans. So if you have deep thinking, you will have a good inspiration, thus you will be able to design in right way.

Looking for Logo design inspiration

Inspiration series is a regular series of articles which share some of the great examples for logo and type design that we have collected through various sites and design galleries.

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Showcase Of Portfolio Websites For Logo Designers

Choosing a logo designer is not easy job, There are a huge number of designers. Some designers are better than others, So how to choose a professional logo designer that will save your time and achieve best results for you? You need to be careful when selecting the person who going to design your logo.

How do you know the qualified logo designers from the inexperienced ones? To help you with this, We present a showcase of 50 website and portfolio for professional logo designers. That will help you as student, designer and business owner. If you take a closer look at the showcase below, you will find a designers from around the world with different styles.

Milton Glaser


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Brazil World Cup Logos Between 1950 and 2014

Sometimes designing a logo is one of the most boring activities of the design profession, Becouse its one of the hardest jobs to make something unique, timeless and memorable. The trends and styles of logo designs are changable, So most of logos that designed in 1900 are unfit for 2010. The logo design should be familiar enough that people not reject them, It should makes you attentive. The point is, The process of re-design for brand identity is necessary from time to time, but keep in mind the core value should never have to be changed, exactly like what apple did, The apple shape with bite is still so far as first design and that’s what we called “core value”, As well the company repeatedly has making a changes on its logo to be more modern.

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Book Review: The Savvy Designer’s Guide To Success

The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success is perfect mentor for every designer want to reap the benefits of professional designer. For an experienced designer it can bring you a fresh set of ideas and thoughts. In this guide Jeff Fisher shows off his experiences and winning personality with ideas and solutions to nearly every career dilemma, including answers for these questions: How much to charge for your services? How to do an estimate? how to manage project budget completely and efficiently? Why spec work is bad?

The Designers will enjoy a fun mix of personal anecdotes and industry research to help them take their careers to the next level. This is a must have a resource for all beginners logo design. The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success book has eleven chapters about various topics, below we will review in points each of them:

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