Book Review: The Savvy Designer’s Guide To Success

The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success is perfect mentor for every designer want to reap the benefits of professional designer. For an experienced designer it can bring you a fresh set of ideas and thoughts. In this guide Jeff Fisher shows off his experiences and winning personality with ideas and solutions to nearly every career dilemma, including answers for these questions: How much to charge for your services? How to do an estimate? how to manage project budget completely and efficiently? Why spec work is bad?

The Designers will enjoy a fun mix of personal anecdotes and industry research to help them take their careers to the next level. This is a must have a resource for all beginners logo design. The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success book has eleven chapters about various topics, below we will review in points each of them:

1. Building Blocks For a Career Foundation

• How to thinking in your future and when you grow up.

• How to choice of an art education or design career.

• Thinking outside the cubicle.

• How should a designer fo about selecting a business  coach?

• What you know about Potential Coach?

2. The School of Hard Knocks

• Charting a design education path with different ways.

• Variety advices to beginning design students education.

• What you know about Technical Schools?

• Self education options.

3. Getting More Than Your Foot in The Door

• How to introducing yourself to any potential employer or client?

• Variety Cold-Call advices.

• How to create informational interview survey.

• A few hints for job seekers.

4. Never Let Them See You Sweat

• How to saving your own proverbial rear end.

• Learn form elders.

• The pitfalls of graphic design

• What is the greatest pleasure in solving problems and how to facing interesting challenges?

5.  But, I Thought You Said

• How to be careful from confusing of communication?

• Everything you want to know about write stuff.

• Some true verbal brainstorming techniques.

• Guidelines for fostering trust in a business environment.

• Instructions to design a creative brief for your project.

• Instructions to use e-mail better.

6. Working In Your Underwear

• Take a look about how LogoMotive’s Logo was designed.

• Learn from designers in and out of the cubicles of the profession.

• Do clothes make the designer?

• Guidelines for projecting a professional image to clients.

7. Is The Price Right?

• How do you rate?

• Tips to make sales and marketing plan.

• The value of your time.

• Instructions to provides clients with good overview of the time and money required to execute their project.

• Rules about Spec Work and why Spec Work is bad?

8. Signing on The Dotted Line

• Introduction about contracts.

• Tips to provides unique project agreement.

• Basic advice for design business success.

• The terms of endearment and getting paid.

• The Business game within a business.

9. Tooting Your Own Horn

• How do you get clients?

• The benefits of portfolio.

• Make your own strategy.

• Benefits to the design industry.

• How to make your Client happy.

• Examples of Design Competitions.

10. Checking Yourself Into Designer Rehab.

• Educating the client about the design process.

• “The Client is Always Right”.

• Start working for family and friends.

• Make good documentation for every project.

11. What Goes Around, Comes Around

• Tips to be good designer on the community.

• How to work for nonprofit organization?

• How to design Project Value sheet.

• Creating your own community.

Finally, This brief and review for The Savvy Designer’s Guide To Success is not enough, I recommened you to reading it from cover to cover, You can purchase the book through Amazon.

For those that do buy it, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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