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Win 4 Free Copies of ‘The Big Book of Font Combinations’

The Big Book of Font Combinations is an expansive collection of carefully crafted typeface pair samples. The BBOFC will inspire you and give you back time  you need for you design projects. Use the font combination examples straight out of the BBOFC in your next project, or use them as a springboard for your own creativity. However you use the BBOFC, it’s bound to inspire and is a trustworthy companion to consult for all kinds of design projects and general study of typography.

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5 Tips to Keep In Mind Before Meetings With Clients

Photo by: TryToTouch

Clients or customers are usually used to refer to a current or potential buyer or user of the products of an individual or organization. Nowadays, many organizations have implemented feedback loops that allow them to capture feedback at the point of experience. Thus making it far more likely that the customer will return next time. To help you with this, We present 5 tips to help you to make successful meeting with client:

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Inspiration series: Typographic Logos

The Greeks believed that inspiration came from the deep thinking, and thinking is the process by which these concepts are perceived and manipulated. Thinking allows beings to design and to represent it according to their objectives, desires and plans. So if you have deep thinking, you will have a good inspiration, thus you will be able to design in right way.

Looking for Logo design inspiration

Inspiration series is a regular series of articles which share some of the great examples for logo and type design that we have collected through various sites and design galleries.

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Brand New Conference

It Started as an idea and blog post by Armin Vit before few months ago, Now the idea is turned into official conference hosted by UnderConsideration. Brand New Conference is one of the few conferences focusing exclusively on the practice of corporate and brand identity. The conference offering a broad range of points of view for famous speakers from around the world. Below, a quick review for the conference and speakers:

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Tips: How To Present Your Ideas?

Photo: thinkpanama

The business of design is realted with the art of communication with clients and one of the important steps in meeting is how do you present your ideas to clients. Sometimes, you lost the job because the client could not understand exactly your ideas. Below, some points and steps to present your ideas to client in a successful manner:

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