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It Started as an idea and blog post by Armin Vit before few months ago, Now the idea is turned into official conference hosted by UnderConsideration. Brand New Conference is one of the few conferences focusing exclusively on the practice of corporate and brand identity. The conference offering a broad range of points of view for famous speakers from around the world. Below, a quick review for the conference and speakers:

About The Conference

The inaugural conference takes place in New York City as it is undoubtedly one of the most important hubs of identity practice and, presumably, an allure to out-of-towners who might be inclined to attend the conference and make a weekend out of it. The venue for the conference will be the School of Visual Arts Theatre, in the Silas auditorium, which holds 479 attendees — the capacity upgrade was done after the initial seats were sold out in less than two weeks.

About The Speakers

The conference will reach a great milestone with wonderful list of speakers, They have invited the most prominent speakers at brand identity industry. Below is the list of speakers:

Paula Scher from Pentagram
Erik Spiekermann from edenspiekermann
Michael Lejeune from Metro
Michael Johnson from johnson banks
Tom Dorresteijn from Studio Dumbar
Karl Heiselman from Wolff Olins
Christian Helms from The Decoder Ring Design Concern
Michael Bierut from Pentagram
Connie Birdsall from Lippincott
Jordan Crane from Wolff Olins

For more info about registration and others at Brand New Conference site, and we recommended you as a logo and brand identity designer to attend it as much as possible.

Let us to know, what do you think about this kind of conferences? Do you planning to attend Brand New Conference?

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