MyFonts Start Selling Webfont Licenses

Recently, webfonts facing a lot of changes towards better side. Therefore, The typographic and fonts websites became more interested in webfonts to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the the online content.
Myfonts the famous fonts seller on the internet start selling webfont licenses on its website. The new convention provides the user the right to get webfont license when he/she buy any web-enabled desktop font from its site without any exceptions or extra charge.

The new webfont licenses are packaged in self contained kits for you to upload to your own site with the ability to use default CSS styles.
Among the properties listed, your webfont purchase never expires, So you can redownload whenever you need to do. Also the license allows you to use your webfonts on any number of sites, up to a shared 10,000 pageviews per month for small sites and the big sites as follows:
For example, If you take a font that sells for $10. You could get:
• Desktop + 10,000 monthly pageviews: $10
• Desktop + 100,000 monthly pageviews: $20
• Desktop + 1,000,000 monthly pageviews: $40
• Desktop + 10,000,000 monthly pageviews: $80
• Desktop + unlimited webfont use: $160

2010 is the year of webfonts, new webfont services and websites are popping up, the content became more beautiful and eye catchy. we are expecting 2011 an exciting year for webfonts. what do you think? let us to know your opinion below in the comments.

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