Breakaway Brands of 2010

The picture from Landor

For the fifth consecutive year, Landor publish its study about the stories behind the Top 10 most successful brands. This year’s report proves no exception as it celebrates the revitalization of classic brands like Disney and Kraft Foods in concert with twenty-first-century icons such as BlackBerry and Clif Bar – As the report said.
Landor and BrandEconomics asked consumers about what they thought of 2,500 U.S. brands, Then they looked at brand strength from their point of view. This is a combination contain of two properties: differentiation on the one hand and relevance on the other hand. They mean by differentiation is the degree to which a brand stands out. and relevance is the degree to which consumers believe a brand meets their needs. Landor was started this study from 2005 and the winners of this year’s Breakaway Brands study are featured at Forbes.

The following is the chart of Top 10 most successful brands which included in the study.

The picture from Landor

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