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Outstanding Questions About Copyright And Trademark

Logo and Brand identity designers have enough on their plates without worrying about copyright infringement and trademark lawsuits, but that is just what they will have if they aren’t acquainted with some of the questions and misconceptions concerning copyright and trademark. It isn’t rocket science by any means but it is involved and the boundaries do cross here and there and care needs to be taken to tread the straight and narrow concerning the boundaries. After reading a definition of copyright and trademark, how does the logo and brand identity designers recognize the pitfalls and avoid them? When the designer has done all he can do, at what point does legal counsel enter the picture?

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23Nov Joins The Web Font Services

The picture from has just opened its Web Fonts solution to the general public before weeks ago and it joins a growing list of web font services but this time with some additional features such as supporting many other platforms and languages that make it a unique offering in the web font space.

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09Nov Has New Owner

The unique domain name has bought for $500,000 through domain marketplace Sedo in last week. The company will provide logo design and branding services to small businesses, companies and individuals. The company have spent half a million dollars for the domain name, which was first registered back in 1995, based on that strategy:

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Font Types and Formats

Typography is the art of use and modifying fonts by using a variety of illustration techniques. This art becoming more important day after day becouse you are forced to deal with on a daily basis in everywhere from newspapers, magazines and books to websites and webfonts services. So, This article is going to help you explaining the different kinds of fonts and which formats are used for fonts.

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