Book Review: Wolda’09

If you are interested in logo and brand identity designs, the 2009 edition of Wolda, a worldwide logo design book by Eulda Books Company is a great place to start. To continue this Eulda Books has released their 2010 edition of this great book. This new edition continues to improve and further evolve the content and concepts of logo and brand identity designs around the world. This new edition includes designs by the winners of the 2009 competition plus other great logo designs by international designers and creative agencies.

About Wolda

Wolda is a high profile graphic design award organization which rewards the best logos and trademarks which have been designed throughout the world. Thereby creating an archive which tracks the evolution of tastes, styles and trends present in global design. Wolda has the backing of many of the major design associations and schools. Students from all over the world as well as designing agencies and other studios have all been involved with Wolda. There is a small entry fee to have your work showcased in the competition but should your design win, the fee will be minimal compared to the exposure your work will receive.

The Judging Team

Wolda Books probably has the best judging teams around. There are thirty different judges each year from global and international designers. This combination of judges makes the competition very intriguing for logo designers. Some of the designer judges have been Henry Steiner, Paula Scher and Laurence Madrelle. Client judges have included Barry Geleit, Richard Stayte and Sam Dunham. Included in the public judges have been Jeremy Malcolm, Rachel Dechenne and Satya Sharma.

The Judging Process

The process by which entries are judged sets the standard to any logo’s success. It begins with three tiers of voting in three consecutive phases. The designer judges are first to judge, followed by the client judges and ending with the public judges. Each judge then gives each logo a mark. At the end of each phase of the judging, any logo receiving a score of zero from more than five of the judges is eliminated. In the final public judge phase, any zero score received is added to any zero scores from the two preceeding phases. The following criteria is used by the judges in the final phase to determine the winning entries: clear communication of message, originality and creativity, good graphic design and positive overall impression.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into coordinating the work of thirty different judges each year. Wolda’s team has faced many difficulties with this and it has been decided that it is no longer feasible to continue with the original system and will radically alter it. As of the next edition the judging procedure has been changed so that every designer who is participating in Wolda will have a say in deciding the winning entries. The competition can be fierce and who better to judge your designs but your own contemporaries. Each entrant will be allowed to view and judge each entry, a new concept in judging but hopefully there will be a positive outcome.

Excellent Editing with Attention to Detail

The current edition of Wolda is an excellent book and looks luxurious. The quality of the paper and the printing used in it is wonderful. The attention that has been given to the way the logos are laid out is outstanding and makes viewing them very comfortable and easy for the reader. Each logo includes information about the designer, country of design, the design firms name and information and a detailed description of the logo. This edition is great viewing for all readers.


For the most part this is a great book and accomplishes what it claims in the title. It gets logo and brand identity designers up and running with awesome showcases for designers from around the world. The quality of the workmanship that goes into putting this book together is obvious upon seeing it.

Whether you are experienced or new to logo design, this book will inspire you and show you the newest and most exciting logo designs. Your inspiration will abound after viewing all of the beautiful designs within these pages. Also, If you are looking for modern logo design showcases, this book is essential for you and we would recommend that you pick one up for your library as soon as possible. You will find yourself referring to it many times as you plan your own designs. This book is also one of the most important reads for anyone who wants to expand their own design skills in order to produce iconic logos and brand identities.

Wolda also maintains a website which you can view for information about the competition and where you can also obtain a copy of their latest edition of the book.

Have you read this or another book on logo design? What are your thoughts?

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