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Book Review: The Big Book of Font Combinations

The new e-book The Big Book of Font Combinations is a must have reference item for anyone with a passing interest in typography or professional graphic design. The Big Book of Font Combination is written and designed by graphic designer, typographer and author Douglas Bonneville. The book serves as a master list of fonts that are used on a daily basis in every form of media around us. Bonneville combines his knowledge of type and fonts with his skills as a designer in order to pass on information in a manner similar to how a print shop owner would offer visual suggestions on what paper would best fit a specific stationary design. Bonneville’s use of font visuals as graphics translates the information instantly to the reader.

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Inspiration series: Animals Logo Designs – Part 2

The Greeks believed that inspiration came from the deep thinking, and thinking is the process by which these concepts are perceived and manipulated. Thinking allows beings to design and to represent it according to their objectives, desires and plans. So if you have deep thinking, you will have a good inspiration, thus you will be able to design in right way.

Looking for Logo design inspiration

Inspiration series is a regular series of articles which share some of the great examples for logo and type design that we have collected through various sites and design galleries. (Check out Animals Logo Designs – Part 1)

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29 of The Best Logo Design Processes of 2010

Logo designers from around the world have designed hundreds of logos in 2010. Students, professionals, and agencies have been working hard this past year to provide their greatest and most professional work to their clients. Now that 2010 has been finished, it’s time to create a report that lists the best logo design processes of the year. (Check out Top 33 Best Logo Design Processes of 2009)

Logo Talks will provide an overview for professional designers and students of the year’s best logo design processes. We have rounded up 29 of the most popular logo design processes of 2010 in our report. Feel free to take a look and see how these designs work. You may even draw inspiration for your own designs.

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A Look at the New Logo of Starbucks

The Picture from Starbucks website

Starbucks, forty years a company in 2011, is one of the most famous brands of coffee in the world, so changing the appearance of their logo is a bold move. The Starbucks designers love the brand and thought of many possibilities before choosing simplicity. They wanted to celebrate the essential, The Siren. They removed the ring around her, smoothed out her flowing hair, and enhanced her facial features. They let her stand proudly in green. The new logo helps Starbucks keep its wonderful coffee, and leaves it free to expand its product line with a logo that is true.

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Happy New Year – Get $90 DreamHost Coupon

Photo by: rodeo’s

With the new year almost upon us, it is time to plan ahead for 2011. Logo Talks is now a year old, and we will remember 2010 fondly as a productive time spent writing and preparing quality content for you. We hope you like what we have done up to now.

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