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The Story of GAP Rebranding Process

One of the biggest catastrophes in the history of company rebranding took place in late 2010 when GAP, a casual and low priced clothing retailer, decided to change their logo.

Just weeks before the start of the busy 2010 Christmas season, GAP decided that their market presence needed to be upgraded. After consulting long and hard with their advertising and marketing firm, the cherished logo that they had been sporting for over twenty years disappeared from the front page of their website.

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Brand New Awards

New logo design competition is coming up from UnderConsideration and opened the call for entries. The competition Brand New Awards focused on best identity work produced around the world during 2010.

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More Perfect Typography with Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the Type Manager for Typekit and one of the leaders in the field of typography. The following is a summarization of a presentation by Brown that was shot for a recent edition of ‘Build’. Throughout the video, Brown explains the importance of typography in creating an experience through the use of modular scales and the use of typeface which plays a huge part in setting the tone of a layout.

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How Designers Feel About HTML5 Logo

HTML5, the upcoming major revision to the HTML coding language, has been given a logo of its own by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the international standards organization of the web. This logo, designed by Ocupop, was unveiled on January 18th, and depicts the letters “HTML” in bold letters above a shield or badge with the number 5 inside of it. This logo, unlike the previous HTML logos, is not meant to connote the validity of a website, or adherence to certain web design standards, but instead is meant to generate interest in HTML5 and support for its use in the future. This logo represents HTML5, the cornerstone for modern Web applications.

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