Brand New Awards

New logo design competition is coming up from UnderConsideration and opened the call for entries. The competition Brand New Awards focused on best identity work produced around the world during 2010.

There are enough awards already in the design industry and we would be the first to question whether a new one was needed. So we were very conscious that if we introduced a new competition it would be worth everyone’s time, energy, and money. As you read through the categories, the criteria, the judges’ backgrounds, the special awards, and other minutia we have embedded throughout this website, we hope that you sense that we have tried to address pitfalls of other awards as well as offering a worthy challenge.

Brand New Awards judging panel is comprised of five individuals: Three designers (Margaret Youngblood, Jennifer Kinon and Steff Geissbuhler) and two clients (Claudine Félix-Janneau and Laurel J. Richie).

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