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The Benefits of Having a Contract

Photo by: Gunnar Wrobel

Having a contract in place prior to starting a project can prevent problems down the road. Mike Monteiro, appearing on Creative Mornings on March 25, spoke about the benefits of contracts, and how to structure them so you are protected.

Monteiro, design director and co-founder of Mule Design Studio, pointed out that most clients start the business relationship with the best of intentions, but things sometimes go wrong. The market changes, or the project takes a different direction. Having a contract stipulates how and when you get paid, and what you must do in order to get paid. If a lawsuit should develop, a contract can help ensure you will not be liable for attorney fees if the ruling is in your favor.

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Concepts in Logo Design

Photo by: Ben Heine

Behind every good logo is a strong concept. The logo is a visual representation of that concept, of the idea that began the design. Your concept will guide the creation of the logo through every step, giving you a foundation to fall back on when you are unsure of which color to choose, or which direction to take the design. A concept falls into two parts, the verbal, and the visual.

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Inspiration series: Birds

The Greeks believed that inspiration came from the deep thinking, and thinking is the process by which these concepts are perceived and manipulated. Thinking allows beings to design and to represent it according to their objectives, desires and plans. So if you have deep thinking, you will have a good inspiration, thus you will be able to design in right way.

Looking for Logo design inspiration

Inspiration series is a regular series of articles which share some of the great examples for logo and type design that we have collected through various sites and design galleries.

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The World’s Most Valuable Brands for 2011

BrandFinance released brand valuation company’s list of the top 500 global brands for 2011. Google has been topped the list of the top 500 global brands which released in the annual report for BrandFinance.

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