Concepts in Logo Design

Photo by: Ben Heine

Behind every good logo is a strong concept. The logo is a visual representation of that concept, of the idea that began the design. Your concept will guide the creation of the logo through every step, giving you a foundation to fall back on when you are unsure of which color to choose, or which direction to take the design. A concept falls into two parts, the verbal, and the visual.

The verbal is underplayed in a logo, but should be the words that you want people to think when they see your design. The concept is to convey either through the graphic or through the few words you can fit into a logo, the underlying idea behind your company or product. Once you have the verbal down, it is time to move on to the visual.

The visual concept is how you portray your verbal concept. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and here you are trying to portray those thousand words you laid out in your verbal concept in a clearly recognizable way. A logo will only work if it portrays the concept behind it. The design should be a balance between the familiar to promote recognition, and the new, to promote the unique qualities of the concept.

To develop a strong concept, you must look at all aspects of the company or product it is for. What is the audience, how will it be used? If you are designing for someone, listen to them talk about their likes and dislikes, study their competitors to be sure that your concept is individual from what they offer.

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    1. I agree, we must take into consideration what the company likes and what they stand for. Communicate constantly to achieve what is needed.

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