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Ideas come from every place and in every form and fashion. Tips in inspiration would first begin with answering how does one place oneself in every place, and how does one remain receptive to every form and fashion? It is quite possible to have an accident and then draw inspiration from that. Well, of course, not a physically damaging accident. No – not talking about that, of course. But, really, if one thinks about it, creatively moves by accident of relationships. Somehow this part from territory v, got moved over to territory b. And somehow, one can see something new from this new relationship. We’ll return back to this.

Tools of the trade for logo design require the sketchbook, the pad, the drawing pens. Walking around the city, the rural, mountains, lakes, wherever, things begin to pop up. So one is ready to take note and immediately sketch a response. But is it possible to, say, force inspiration? Are there techniques? There are a few.

In our lives, we are surrounded by sources that influence us. Thinking about it, one can almost see that one’s world is rather predefined. Imagine the online search engines, the behemoth Google, the ever-present Yahoo, the Bing want-to-be-everywhere. All these search engines provide one with a predefined world. Is there a possible source outside? Certainly, there are other sources. There is nature, this is where ‘walking’ comes in. Imagine that! Walking! But walking into, say, old buildings. Smells, old smells, come from these places. Different slants make themselves apparent, and ways of looking out the broken window to the other building next door. Checking out the way the eaves on that old roof seen to grimace its eyebrows under the rain. Wait, was that an insect going under the faded rug? These are all sources of magical inspiration.

Then one has literature, poetry. One has movies, TV. Equate poetry with music, and there you have it. One really important tip for inspiration is how good art engages the mind to come up with different and new patterns of thought. This is the inspiration of poetry, not as subtly expressed in music, but it’s in music, too. This is the ability to think in inexpressible ways, getting that certain feeling, that emotion, that was felt in that piece of poetry, of music. You can’t really verbalize it, but it placed you in a special place. This is the task of looking right into art and writing it down.

“Writing it down” is important. The sketch artist must also write down the words. From this comes the free association exercises, which takes us back to the beginning, the accidents, how creativity comes from accidental associations, coupled to the ability to get outside one’s world, one’s regularly used, search engine point-of-view.

The last, wonderful technique, then, is to gestalt, “Rorschach test”, all of this, these new, out-of-the-box experiences.

Where Do You Find Inspiration? Let us to know

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    1. Great article, very much enjoyed reading it.

      Personally the biggest source of inspiration for me is nature, landscapes and traditional arts not even to be found on the internet. Visiting an exhibition of a local artist often inspires me the most.

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