Elementar Font System

The screen and printer usually used different resolutions. In additional to the differences between operating systems. For example: Apple Mac has a default resolution of 72 dpi, and a Windows PC a default resolution of 96 dpi, whereas printed material is likely to have a resolution of 1200 dpi and upwards. So, The font that designed in scalable size (bezier-curves) does not look good on low resolution monitors because there were not enough pixels available to display the subtlety and style inherent within the font descriptions.

In an effort to try to overcome the problem, Gustavo Ferreira has been working since 2002 on Elementar Font System which is a parametric bitmap font system designed to bring more typographic flexibility to digital screens.

Elementar is a parametric font system designed to bring more typographic flexibility to digital screens. Elementar embraces and explores the unique properties of digital media: the pixel, the coarse resolution grid, and the dimension of time.
The Elementar font system consists of thousands of individual fonts in a continuum of different styles, sizes, weights and widths.


What makes Elementar so revolutionary?

Conventional practice today is to design fonts using mathematically-defined outline curves, a flexible system which produces optimal results on high-resolution devices such as printers, but not on low-resolution devices such as computer monitors and other electronic displays. Font designers then use TrueType hinting, (an immensely labour-intensive process), to help the fonts manipulate the rasteriser (the software that maps the curves onto the display) into producing legible results at low resolutions. (Or, in most cases, designers forego the hinting entirely and leave the end users to fend for themselves.) Be that as it may, the result is a compromise that hinders the development of new type.

Elementar has a free iPad App with gesture interface to select fonts easily and intuitively.


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