TechCrunch Logo Redesign

On Monday, 11/7/20011 the popular technology blog TechCrunch rolled out a new logo design. They then proceeded to successfully predict that everyone would hate it.

There might be a few voices of quiet dissent among the hordes of angry readers expressing their displeasure, but it is fairly clear that most of the Internet finds the large, green, pixelated “TC” absolutely hideous. Yet TechCrunch is clearly unconcerned about this outpouring of negativity.

Whenever anyone redesigns a logo, outrage is sure to ensue. People hate change, and demonstrated this fact in 2006 and 2008, the two previous times TechCrunch redesigned their website. Undoubtedly some of the same readers who were outraged at the logo introduced in 2008 are now among those clamoring for its return in the place of its most recent version. It remains to be seen if the current outpouring of criticism is just like all the others, or if this one will really stick. The new logo is certainly a provocative choice. Although the designers choose it because they say it “screams” the irreverent personality of the site, the boxy, 8-bit feel is definitely out-of-step with modern technology and design. At best, it’s a reverent homage to the days of side-scrolling video games; at worst, it looks like something they asked their 10-year-old cousin to throw together one weekend back in 1998 and just pulled off a dusty floppy disk last week.

In the meantime, TechCrunch itself is staying mostly above the fray. One contributor posted a Mad-Lib-type hatemail template for his readers to copy and paste, and the lead designer assured everyone that they most certainly did not make the new logo in Minecraft. “We used AOL Paint, which comes free on the AOL CD and has this sweet UltraLogoMatic2000 feature,” he said. By poking fun at themselves, TechCrunch has shown that they are comfortable weathering the storm until their readers have had time to accept the new logo.

Lost among all the furor over the logo has been the fact that the entire website has also been revamped, even down to the content management system. The designers hope these changes will increase usability for both readers and writers, but it will be a few weeks before any verdict comes back on that front. In the meantime, they can keep themselves busy sorting through all the angry emails.

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    4 Responses to “TechCrunch Logo Redesign”

    1. Sammy says:

      My thoughts exactly and reminded me of the exact occasion when the site was first redesigned. The designer and the TC folks got a lot of heat because of that. Not sure why such a drastic update(logo, CMS, etc.). Seemed to be doing just fine, but AOL seems to do a lot of things that don’t make sense, so I’m not surprised.

    2. druqx says:

      I completely love the new logo. When i first got introduced to tech crunch with the old logo, i thought tech crunch is some local site. On;y the new design made me accept its a site with more traffic. And the new logo is completely versatile and it came out of the cliche “Bold T and Regular C”. So i personally show thumbs up for TC new logo.

    3. Logo says:

      I don`t know abot the logo colours but i like the design.

    4. sabrina says:

      I actually quite like it to be honest. It’s new but sort of old atari-like. It’s funny they picked it out and assumed people would hate it, they have a good sense of humour. But let’s face it, most of the logos out there today are too complicated and over the top.

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