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Inspiration series: Elephant

The Greeks believed that inspiration came from the deep thinking, and thinking is the process by which these concepts are perceived and manipulated. Thinking allows beings to design and to represent it according to their objectives, desires and plans. So if you have deep thinking, you will have a good inspiration, thus you will be able to design in right way.

Looking for Logo design inspiration

Inspiration series is a regular series of articles which share some of the great examples for logo and type design that we have collected through various sites and design galleries.

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Advanced Font Metrics in FontLab

Font file metrics can be stored in one of two tables, [OS/2] or [hhea] tables. Most of programs and operating systems use these tables and FontLab Studio can calculate the metrics according to the system recommendations, However, some type designers faced a problem with ascender and descender brushing up and also in adjusting the line gap when lines of type are set in a new font.  So, you need to be careful If you want to customize your values. Go to FontLab and From File -> Select: File Info.

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Book Review: 158 Answers

One of the best way to learn is to read for renowned designers from around the world. The students of Type Media postgraduate course in type design have been interviewed eleven renowned type designers and writers about what they consider to be important for the education of future type designers and typographers. The book include an important information about some script like Arabic and how the arabic type market has been growing over the past few years.

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New Anti SPEC Campaign

There’s a rebellion underway and it has nothing to do with politics or governments. Instead, it’s a creative revolution and the setting of this creative insurgency is the world of advertising, marketing and most specifically, creative design.

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Font Book App

FontShop has been announced the new FontBook iPad app as the world’s most comprehensive typographic reference tool. The new FontBook app has 620,000 font samples(19 times more than the printed FontBook 4). The FontBook app allows you to look up and view fonts by typeface name, type classification, designer name, foundry name, year of publication, or by similarity of design. One of the major advantages of the FontBook app is that it allows easy combining and comparing of typefaces, as well as one click to sharing over Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

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