New Anti SPEC Campaign

There’s a rebellion underway and it has nothing to do with politics or governments. Instead, it’s a creative revolution and the setting of this creative insurgency is the world of advertising, marketing and most specifically, creative design.

One of the methods for graphic designers and ad agencies to capture a piece of a potential new client’s advertising budget is to provide samples, ideas and other work free of charge. Sometimes, prospective clients like what they see and will purchase the work. Even better, they often add the designer or agency to their approved vendor list for future projects. But spec work has its downside too. Clients often hold contests where designers compete with each other, all completing the assignments, while one out of the crowd might be paid for the work.

According to the website AntiSpec.com, graphic designers and ad agencies alike are saying, “No more.” They call spec work (speculative work), sometimes referred to as ‘crowdsourcing’, “A cancer within the design industry.” They also urge fed-up designers to unite, get involved and understand their role in fighting the practice.

One example on the group’s website details a logo design contest where the prize is $700. So far, more than 1,133 logos have been designed and entered. That means 1 designer will get paid, while the other 1,132 will have worked for free!! With odds like that, AntiSpec.com should have no problem attracting frustrated designers to their cause.

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    1. Logo says:

      This is how economy works and this is how a few get rich :)

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