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Mobile Typography for iOS Apps

With technology changing everyday, design is changing the way we see everything. IOS devices hold the key to greatest applications for download to the IPhone or IPad. While on the go, you can download an app for the cheapest gas or the best restaurant based on reviews. With all of that convenience in our hands, it’s now easier than ever to create a mobile application incorporating your personal style using Mobile FontFonts. As a mobile application developer, the days of being shackled down by boring typography is over.

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Why Adobe Acquired Typekit?

This month has been a highly dramatic one in the technological community, filled with both sad and exciting news. On the one hand, the death of Steve Jobs has sent ripples of sorrow, mourning and reflection across online news and social media sites. On the other hand, Adobe’s acquisition of Typekit, the celebrated and popular web font provider, has generated much excitement for web developers. Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch announced the merger at the recent 2011 MAX conference. This article discusses the acquisition of this latest business deal and what effects it is likely to have on the industry.

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Hone Your Kerning Skills

If you aren’t into graphic design, font layout, or any of those sorts of things, you might not know what the term ‘kerning‘ is. In design terms it is the visual style of setting space between letters in fonts. If you are still confused, go into your local word processor and type in the alphabet. The likelihood is that the letters have different distances between each letter. Those spaces are kerning.

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Wikipedia’s Nifty New “W”


Wikipedia is a pre-Prince Charming, electronic Cinderella; it’s our society’s knowledge-repository workhorse; but just like evil step-relatives, we take Wikipedia for granted, abase its usefulness, and regularly question about its reliability.

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