Wikipedia’s Nifty New “W”


Wikipedia is a pre-Prince Charming, electronic Cinderella; it’s our society’s knowledge-repository workhorse; but just like evil step-relatives, we take Wikipedia for granted, abase its usefulness, and regularly question about its reliability.

As an experiment, Viewpoint Magazine enlisted several high-profile creative agencies to do a “hypothetical re-branding” of Jimmy Wale’s website enterprise. Teams were charged with expediting navigation, encouraging editing, and raising the overall status of Wiki’s brand.

London-based agency, Moving Brands, began by dissecting and analyzing every aspect of Wikimedia to better understand where the non-profit’s brand stands– and where it needs to go. Moving Brands decided Wikipedia’s five foundational principles – or “pillars” – succinctly defined the foundation’s mission; as such, Moving Brands created a five-lined “W” mark – which aims to both establish “ownership” of the letter, while also acting as a graphical nod to the non-profit’s noble knowledge undertaking.

Wikimedia’s nine online portals are represented in the logo by nine equidistant nodes. A smart-logo powered by complex algorithms and JavaScript, the shape of the “W” morphs depending on the entry, forming a graphic representation of the topic’s pervasiveness over Wikimedia’s nine sites – an untouched node signifies an opportunity to add content.

It’s the time to let us know, What do you think about Wikipedia’s logo?

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