Hone Your Kerning Skills

If you aren’t into graphic design, font layout, or any of those sorts of things, you might not know what the term ‘kerning‘ is. In design terms it is the visual style of setting space between letters in fonts. If you are still confused, go into your local word processor and type in the alphabet. The likelihood is that the letters have different distances between each letter. Those spaces are kerning.

For designers that are trying to hone their craft, or even just people who are interested in seeing how kerning works, there is a new Kerning game available to help tutor people on kerning. Each level you are presented with a clearly poorly arranged word that you must lay out in a visually pleasing way. The only letters that remain are the first and last to give you a spacial understanding of how big the word is supposed to be, but all the rest can be moved left or right.

Upon finishing the word, they show you the perfect answer, and then how close yours came to it. Afterwards, of course you can tweet or Facebook your results to show the world how much better you are at organizing letters in a reasonably even fashion. Once this game reaches the design community, you are going to see a bit of a boom as people try and top their scores or beat their friends. Conceptually, it is so simple, and you might not realize how much fun you are actually having trying to nudge one letter to be just right.

Give the Kerning Game a try, and see what your score is. Afterwards, share that information and let the war of words begin!

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