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New Logo For Grand Central

One of New York’s most historic landmarks is on the cusp of its centennial. Grand Central Station will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary in February of 2013. To commemorate this milestone event a brand new logo has been created for one of the nation’s most notable transportation portals.

Grand Central Station’s new logo could have been inspired by a variety of visually distinctive markers. The final design reflects one of Grand Central’s most familiar sights. Graphic designer Michael Bierut and associates of the Pentagram design consulting firm are behind Grand Central Station’s new logo. Award winning graphic designer Joe Marianek has drawn a clock design worthy of the traveler’s majestic landmark.

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Windows 8 Logo from Flag To Window

Microsoft is getting ready to launch its new operating system Windows 8. As Microsoft releases a new operating system, the computer world is abuzz because of all the changes that the Washington-based company inserts into its new versions of the software. In addition to changes to the software, Microsoft is releasing a new logo and marketing campaign for the system.

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