Microsoft Introduces a New Logo After 25 Years

The world of technology is in full swing, and with the explosion comes competition among the various companies involved. Microsoft, a company that has been around since computers were introduced to the average household, recognized this with the decision to create a new logo. Logos are easily recognizable, and they need to be memorable as well to stand out above the competition.

Microsoft’s original logo goes back 25 years. The new logo is similar, but vastly different at the same time, from the first release. 2012 is the year for Microsoft to really re-invent itself with the release of so many different products and upgrades to their existing product line. The logo focuses on keeping the Microsoft name closely identified with each of its products. It consists of a logotype with the “Microsoft” name and a symbol. The font used is Segoe, because it is the same font that Microsoft uses for marketing and directly in the products. The symbol is consistent with the original wavy flag used with the early releases of Windows, and it consists of four small squares placed together to create one large square with a thin line of space between each one. The colors of the squares are, beginning at the top and moving clockwise, red, green, yellow and blue.

Microsoft has been busy this year since they have created the Metro operating system to run on its tablets, and they’ve also introduced the Windows user interface. They also hope to merge the large range of products available on the market including Windows 8 PCs, tablets, Windows smartphones and the new Xbox when it is released. The next version of Office is also expected to be released in the near future.

The logo also increases the existing competition between Microsoft and Apple. Apple was originally released with simplicity in mind. Their logo is easy to recognize, and it is simple enough. It appears that, in an effort to keep up with the changing world of technology, Apple is tweaking its logo by adding texture effects and in turn is causing more complication with its products. This alone is not enough to place Microsoft ahead of Apple for the die-hard fans, but it does give a slight advantage to Microsoft.

The logo is expected to be incorporated into Microsoft’s stores across the nation within a few months, and the release will begin in Boston, Seattle and Bellevue. Fans may love it or hate it, but the fact is that Microsoft is not going to remain at a standstill while the computing and electronics markets move forward. They are sending the message that they are definitely here to stay, and they are willing to change to accommodate their loyal customers and hopefully attract newcomers.

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    One Response to “Microsoft Introduces a New Logo After 25 Years”

    1. Kevin Simard says:

      I think it’s a great logo!
      It really reflects the direction MS is going in now with their new way of integrating all their products and the style of their products alone. I just wished they used that windows logo vs the angled one on their products.
      This one: http://betanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Windows-8-logo-300×300.jpg