Logo Talks is an online magazine for students and professional designers interested in expanding their knowledge about logo design, brand development, typeface creation, and typography techniques. At our site, you will find a plethora of quality articles on logos and typeface, as well as updated news briefs concerning global branding. Also included on Logo Talks are book reviews, case-studies, and showcases for the best logos.

Our vision is to propel Logo Talks to the top by providing the resources needed for students and professionals alike to succeed at their craft. In particular, we hope to employ the assistance of expert logo design and typography designers and book authors, so that we can offer the very best. We encourage all interested parties to sign up and immediately begin sharing their thoughts and ideas with our community. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Logo Talks Founded in 2010 by Otba Mushaweh. The Founder of Logos Guide Studio and editor-in-chief at Logo Talks. If you would like to become an author in Logo Talks or to contributor by writing an article visit become an author page or Contact us here

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