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The Benefits of Having a Contract

Photo by: Gunnar Wrobel

Having a contract in place prior to starting a project can prevent problems down the road. Mike Monteiro, appearing on Creative Mornings on March 25, spoke about the benefits of contracts, and how to structure them so you are protected.

Monteiro, design director and co-founder of Mule Design Studio, pointed out that most clients start the business relationship with the best of intentions, but things sometimes go wrong. The market changes, or the project takes a different direction. Having a contract stipulates how and when you get paid, and what you must do in order to get paid. If a lawsuit should develop, a contract can help ensure you will not be liable for attorney fees if the ruling is in your favor.

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Concepts in Logo Design

Photo by: Ben Heine

Behind every good logo is a strong concept. The logo is a visual representation of that concept, of the idea that began the design. Your concept will guide the creation of the logo through every step, giving you a foundation to fall back on when you are unsure of which color to choose, or which direction to take the design. A concept falls into two parts, the verbal, and the visual.

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Is There a Gender Gap Between Designers?

A female type designer, Verena Gerlach, recently brought up an interesting answer to the common question: where are the women in type design? Ms. Gerlach feels that the common explanation that type design is too technical to appeal to female designers is incorrect. Rather, she feels that societal issues such as upbringing and prejudice conspire to keep women out of more technical fields. Indeed, there seems to be no gender gap in talent. It’s easy to think offhand of outstanding female typeface designers—Zuzanna Licko and Jessica Hische come to mind—and some of the world’s most recognizable typefaces were created by women. However, the perceived gender gap is still present. Female designers seem to be under-represented in the more heavily technical and usually higher-paying design fields.

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Do You Have a Branding Strategy?

Photo by: Mukumbura

All business owners know that the marketplace is highly competitive. Product identity and brand are of paramount importance to any business owner. If you fail to honor this then your identity will be lost in the masses of the marketplace. Here are some strategic points from Sparks on branding strategy.

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16 Tips From Michael Bierut on How To Get Clients

Nationally acclaimed designer Michael Bierut from Pentagram speaks candidly to an audience of CreativeMornings about a little-discussed subject – clients. In his video, he gives his tips for the designer-client relationship, explaining how it can make or break a designer. Michael wants designers to understand that clients are the distinguishing agent between art and design. Below is a summary of his insight into successful and satisfying designer-client relationships.

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The Story of GAP Rebranding Process

One of the biggest catastrophes in the history of company rebranding took place in late 2010 when GAP, a casual and low priced clothing retailer, decided to change their logo.

Just weeks before the start of the busy 2010 Christmas season, GAP decided that their market presence needed to be upgraded. After consulting long and hard with their advertising and marketing firm, the cherished logo that they had been sporting for over twenty years disappeared from the front page of their website.

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More Perfect Typography with Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the Type Manager for Typekit and one of the leaders in the field of typography. The following is a summarization of a presentation by Brown that was shot for a recent edition of ‘Build’. Throughout the video, Brown explains the importance of typography in creating an experience through the use of modular scales and the use of typeface which plays a huge part in setting the tone of a layout.

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