Otba Mushaweh

Otba Mushaweh is Logo Design Specialist, Graphic Designer and Blogger. I am working as freelancer under my business Logos Guide Studio. I have established Logo Talks to be great community and platform for designers, students and everyone who interested in all about logo, brand, typeface and typography. In 2006 i had got the third place in a contest of the best arabic idea for 2006 in dubai city – 17.8.2006 -. Then I founded Logos Guide Studio to work as freelance logo and brand designer and i still up to now. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Rob Janoff

As a young art director in the early Silicon Valley years, Rob Janoff worked on many high tech accounts including, most notably, a new start-up called Apple Computer. He designed the now famous Apple Computer logo and all of Apple’s introductory graphics and advertising. Janoff then worked on national print and television accounts for advertising agencies in New York and Chicago. Client brands have included IBM, Diners Club, KIeenex, Kraft, and SC Johnson. Rob Janoff is currently giving presentations on the development of the Apple logo and the lore that has spread about this internationally recognized icon.

Nina Kreidie

After graduating with a BS in Graphic Design from the Lebanese American University, I then went on to work for three years as an Art Director with Leo Burnett, Jeddah. Wanting to push my boundaries further, I started lecturing different and numerous Graphic Design courses, for four years now, in Dar Al-Hekma College, Jeddah.
For the department, I acted as chairwomen of one of the committees, was responsible for planning the exhibitions, and I was part of the committee that is currently revisiting the graphic design college curriculum with the help of Parsons School of Design. Part of what I was also working on was organising screenings, and workshops for young design students, and graduates. I have also participated as a member in several juries, in various exhibitions in Beirut, London, and Jeddah, also in Design Organisations such as Khatt Network, Artmesh, and Typophile.
I am currently pursuing my Masters in Graphic Design in the University of the Arts, London. My personal work and thesis continues to be my deep interest regarding the subject of stereotyping of Arab Women.

Ruth Kedar

When Adobe purchased Photoshop she was called back to work with the still unreleased version helping illustrate the first Photoshop books and she remained at Adobe as an Art Director for many years.
In 1988 she founded Kedar Designs a design firm that specializes in branding, web, application and user experience design, with clients in the US and abroad.
In the same year she was asked to come back to Stanford University as a Consultant Art Professor and
she kept the position for the next eleven years. It was while at Stanford that she was commissioned by Larry Page and Sergei Brin to design the Google logo.
She is one of the founders of Art.Net, where she’s been displaying her online art studio since 1994 and her artwork has been shown in the US and internationally. She is still an avid collector of non‐standard playing cards and has designed the award winning Analog Deck and Duolog Deck.

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