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How To Become an Author

Logo Talks is looking to bring onboard qualified logo design and typography designers and book authors who can share their knowledge with our community. We are especially interested in authors with the ability to write high-quality content about our topics of interest. Once you start to submit articles and reviews, your name will be mentioned on our site. Since we expect Logo Talks to expand into a highly recognized and utilized resource site, you can be assured that you will gain great recognition. Plus you will be able to cite Logo Talks in your resume and/or portfolio.

We look forward to working with you!

Our Topics

We currently accept all submissions related to logo design and typography. The following are areas of interest that especially appeal to our community:

– The logo design and development process.

– Showcases for logos, brands, identities, and typefaces.

– Reviews on books concerning logo design/development and typography.

– Anything and everything related to typography and typeface.

– Analytical and critical studies on logo and typeface design techniques.

– Case studies.

If you are still interested in participating as an author, please contact us here

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