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Legibility: Print vs. Electronic Media


Photo by: Isaías Loaiza

If the point of readability in typography is to improve the visual flow of words, thus providing a smoother reading experience overall, ligatures can improve this flow by eliminating the problem of letter crashes and obtrusive spacing between letters to avoid the same, as in the case of ff, fl, and fi ligatures, making words containing these letter combinations simultaneously more legible and readable.

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The Importance of Your Brand Colors

Photo by: SallyFort

No aspect of design, be it for a product, a logo, or a website, influences a customer’s opinion as much as color. On a completely subconscious level, the color used has a significant impact on what the consumer thinks, and people will find a company offputting that does not use the right color in the right way to match what they are selling. The effort you put into picking a color scheme for your company might be the best investment you ever make.

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Font Readability and Legibility

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, readability and legibility are actually two quite different terms. Readability pertains to how easily words, sentences, and entire blocks of texts can be read by the average reader. The more readable a text is, the less energy someone has to expend while reading. Legibility, on the other hand, is a measure of how easy it is for the reader to distinguish one letter or character in a text from another. More legible fonts usually have higher x-heights, which is a topic that will be discussed later on.
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Windows 8 Logo from Flag To Window

Microsoft is getting ready to launch its new operating system Windows 8. As Microsoft releases a new operating system, the computer world is abuzz because of all the changes that the Washington-based company inserts into its new versions of the software. In addition to changes to the software, Microsoft is releasing a new logo and marketing campaign for the system.

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Global Brand Simplicity Report for 2011

Siegel+Gale is a global brand consulting firm with eight locations around the world. The agency serves a wide array of clients from government, corporate and non-profit organizations. Siegel+Gale has created branding campaigns for companies such as Yahoo, Xerox, Allstate, American Express among others and has won many awards, including Web Marketing Association’s WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development.

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Why Adobe Acquired Typekit?

This month has been a highly dramatic one in the technological community, filled with both sad and exciting news. On the one hand, the death of Steve Jobs has sent ripples of sorrow, mourning and reflection across online news and social media sites. On the other hand, Adobe’s acquisition of Typekit, the celebrated and popular web font provider, has generated much excitement for web developers. Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch announced the merger at the recent 2011 MAX conference. This article discusses the acquisition of this latest business deal and what effects it is likely to have on the industry.

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20 Logo and Typography Resources You May Have Missed in 2010

In 2010, thousands of articles about logo and typography design were published by hundreds of writers. Even for someone with a focused interest in the field, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of every author, every site, every blog, every magazine; in short, it’s likely you missed a lot of different perspectives. For instance, were you aware of the major role typography played in web design last year? Many new sites and services sprung up in 2010 concerning web fonts and the creation and use of typefaces, new and old. Logo design had also been an area of huge activity, with a multitude of companies—large and small—modifying or even changing their logos outright and shaking up even the most rock-solid of their corporate identities.

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