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Advanced Font Metrics in FontLab

Font file metrics can be stored in one of two tables, [OS/2] or [hhea] tables. Most of programs and operating systems use these tables and FontLab Studio can calculate the metrics according to the system recommendations, However, some type designers faced a problem with ascender and descender brushing up and also in adjusting the line gap when lines of type are set in a new font.  So, you need to be careful If you want to customize your values. Go to FontLab and From File -> Select: File Info.

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How to Trademark a Brand Name

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Creating a strong trademark means being able to protect it from other people using it for similar – and in some cases, dissimilar – purposes. If your objective is to be unique in your space and to prevent others from using your name, it’s important to create as distinct a mark as possible.

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The Nature of Copyright in The 21st Century

The typeface designer Erik Spiekermann is interviewed on the nature of copyright. The interview took place on June 4th, 2011 at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany and is sponsored by, a Dutch platform for design and fashion. Erik Spiekermann is the founder of FontShop, a popular online marketplace for font-design. This article summarizes the ideas of Spiekermann on Copyright in the 21st Century:

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Quotes for Logo Designer

Veteran logo designers always have words that inspire you to be creative, Below are some of the more memorable quotes for logo designer.

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Effectiveness of Social Media: Royal Wedding vs. Bin Laden [INFOGRAPHIC]

Branding is vital when it comes to social media. Last month, two of the hottest and biggest news that grabbed the headlines all over the world were the Royal Wedding and the death of Osama bin Laden. So how does the branding of Royal Wedding? and how the Social Media coverage the death of Bin Laden? This infographic can provide clear comparisons and explanations on the extent of social media coverage of the two most talked about events – the Royal Wedding vs bin Laden.

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The Benefits of Having a Contract

Photo by: Gunnar Wrobel

Having a contract in place prior to starting a project can prevent problems down the road. Mike Monteiro, appearing on Creative Mornings on March 25, spoke about the benefits of contracts, and how to structure them so you are protected.

Monteiro, design director and co-founder of Mule Design Studio, pointed out that most clients start the business relationship with the best of intentions, but things sometimes go wrong. The market changes, or the project takes a different direction. Having a contract stipulates how and when you get paid, and what you must do in order to get paid. If a lawsuit should develop, a contract can help ensure you will not be liable for attorney fees if the ruling is in your favor.

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Is There a Gender Gap Between Designers?

A female type designer, Verena Gerlach, recently brought up an interesting answer to the common question: where are the women in type design? Ms. Gerlach feels that the common explanation that type design is too technical to appeal to female designers is incorrect. Rather, she feels that societal issues such as upbringing and prejudice conspire to keep women out of more technical fields. Indeed, there seems to be no gender gap in talent. It’s easy to think offhand of outstanding female typeface designers—Zuzanna Licko and Jessica Hische come to mind—and some of the world’s most recognizable typefaces were created by women. However, the perceived gender gap is still present. Female designers seem to be under-represented in the more heavily technical and usually higher-paying design fields.

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