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Face to Face with Martin Wenzel

Martin Wenzel is a Type and Communications Designer in Berlin, Germany. After earning his degree at the Royal Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands, he worked with Petr van Blokland in Delft for several years while setting up his one-man design studio Originally a Berliner, he relocated to his hometown in 2005 to expand his design and font portfolio. Several of his typefaces are published under the FontFont label, including his award-winning sans-serif typeface FF Profile and FF Duper. In 2010 he has launched his own foundry,, with his latest typefaces MPF Ode and the sans serif family MPF Realist.
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14 Designers Talk About Logo, Brand and Identity

Well, The confusing and discussions are still about Brand, Logo and identity up to this moment !! There are alot of Junior designers and some of clients think the company’s logo is same company’s brand, The others think the logo designer can make a brand, In fact, Not exactly, may be right relatively becouse some of professional logo designer can provide to the clients some Strategies which would help the brand to growth. To clarification of the differences between Logo, Brand and Identity, I have asked 14 designers from around the world about their opinions in Logo, Brand and Identity and How he/she definition each of them. You’ll see all of their responses below. First, here is a list of the designers who participated :

Von Glitschka (Glitschka Studios).

Don Ryun Chang (Icograda Executive President).

Michal Ozorowski (ozorowski).

Darcy Hinrichs (Darcylea Design).

Robert L. Peters (Author of Worldwide Identity book).

Brian Hoff (The Design Cubicle Blog).

Jeff Fisher (Logo Motives).

Sneh Roy (Little Box of Ideas).

Jacob Cass (Just Creative Design).

Ali Sabet (Sabet Tv).

Fabian Marchinko (Brand Simplicity).

Ivaylo Nikolov (odigy).

Ivan Raszl (Brands of The World).

Dani Nordin (TZK Design).

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Face to Face with Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for the Portland-based design firm Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. He has been working as a design professional since 1978, with a focus on identity design since about 1995.  In addition to being a designer, He is a writer.

He is the author of ” Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands” and “The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success: Ideas and tactics for a killer career.

He is currently writing the book “LogoType,” a book about typography in logo design – scheduled for release in late 2011. On occasion, He also write for design magazines. His article, “Self-Promotion the Social Way,” was recently published in HOW Magazine and has been posted on their website. Another part of his personality makes presentations at design conferences, speaks to student audiences at universities and design schools, and conducts workshops for business organizations.

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Melbourne’s new logo was inspired by another! – Interview with Raja Sandhu


Have you ever heard about case called Dejavu (Déjà vu), This is what happening to Raja Sandhu (friend and logo designer) and other designers, when they  seen the new logo of Melbourne city .

Raja Sandhu was designed a logo for Merchant Logix before 5 years ago. and it is look like the new logo of Melbourne city. Maybe it was inspired by logo design of Merchant Logix.!!

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