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Microsoft Introduces a New Logo After 25 Years

The world of technology is in full swing, and with the explosion comes competition among the various companies involved. Microsoft, a company that has been around since computers were introduced to the average household, recognized this with the decision to create a new logo. Logos are easily recognizable, and they need to be memorable as well to stand out above the competition.

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New Logo For Grand Central

One of New York’s most historic landmarks is on the cusp of its centennial. Grand Central Station will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary in February of 2013. To commemorate this milestone event a brand new logo has been created for one of the nation’s most notable transportation portals.

Grand Central Station’s new logo could have been inspired by a variety of visually distinctive markers. The final design reflects one of Grand Central’s most familiar sights. Graphic designer Michael Bierut and associates of the Pentagram design consulting firm are behind Grand Central Station’s new logo. Award winning graphic designer Joe Marianek has drawn a clock design worthy of the traveler’s majestic landmark.

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Monotype Imaging Acquires Bitstream Services

Monotype Imaging Inc., a Massachusetts-based company dedicated to bringing together text imaging and graphics with electronic devices, has announced its plan to acquire the website operated by Bitstream.The $50 million merger, which is being completed in cash, has already been approved by the boards that govern both companies, and will take place in the next coming days. Included in the merger are Bitstream’s 89,000 fonts, popular What’sTheFont identification program, its typeface library and its font rendering services, called Font Fusion and Bitstream Panorama. In addition to these popular programs, 15 Bitstream employees from the company’s Massachusetts site will be taken on by Monotype, as will 40 type designers from the facility in India. It is estimated that Monotype Imaging will benefit from the $17 million the parts of the Bitstream business it is taking over made in 2010, and the company expects much of that cash flow to become a part of its Creative Professional business venture.

Mobile Typography for iOS Apps

With technology changing everyday, design is changing the way we see everything. IOS devices hold the key to greatest applications for download to the IPhone or IPad. While on the go, you can download an app for the cheapest gas or the best restaurant based on reviews. With all of that convenience in our hands, it’s now easier than ever to create a mobile application incorporating your personal style using Mobile FontFonts. As a mobile application developer, the days of being shackled down by boring typography is over.

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Hone Your Kerning Skills

If you aren’t into graphic design, font layout, or any of those sorts of things, you might not know what the term ‘kerning‘ is. In design terms it is the visual style of setting space between letters in fonts. If you are still confused, go into your local word processor and type in the alphabet. The likelihood is that the letters have different distances between each letter. Those spaces are kerning.

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Wikipedia’s Nifty New “W”


Wikipedia is a pre-Prince Charming, electronic Cinderella; it’s our society’s knowledge-repository workhorse; but just like evil step-relatives, we take Wikipedia for granted, abase its usefulness, and regularly question about its reliability.

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Web Font Awards

The Web Font Awards contest is a skill-based contest opened for entry submissions on September 21, 2011. All entries to this contest must be received on October 28, 2011. This contest promotes awareness and adoption of Web font technology and all participants create a website that uses web fonts.

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