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A Look at the New Logo of Starbucks

The Picture from Starbucks website

Starbucks, forty years a company in 2011, is one of the most famous brands of coffee in the world, so changing the appearance of their logo is a bold move. The Starbucks designers love the brand and thought of many possibilities before choosing simplicity. They wanted to celebrate the essential, The Siren. They removed the ring around her, smoothed out her flowing hair, and enhanced her facial features. They let her stand proudly in green. The new logo helps Starbucks keep its wonderful coffee, and leaves it free to expand its product line with a logo that is true.

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23Nov Joins The Web Font Services

The picture from has just opened its Web Fonts solution to the general public before weeks ago and it joins a growing list of web font services but this time with some additional features such as supporting many other platforms and languages that make it a unique offering in the web font space.

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09Nov Has New Owner

The unique domain name has bought for $500,000 through domain marketplace Sedo in last week. The company will provide logo design and branding services to small businesses, companies and individuals. The company have spent half a million dollars for the domain name, which was first registered back in 1995, based on that strategy:

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Breakaway Brands of 2010

The picture from Landor

For the fifth consecutive year, Landor publish its study about the stories behind the Top 10 most successful brands. This year’s report proves no exception as it celebrates the revitalization of classic brands like Disney and Kraft Foods in concert with twenty-first-century icons such as BlackBerry and Clif Bar – As the report said.
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MyFonts Start Selling Webfont Licenses

Recently, webfonts facing a lot of changes towards better side. Therefore, The typographic and fonts websites became more interested in webfonts to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the the online content.
Myfonts the famous fonts seller on the internet start selling webfont licenses on its website. The new convention provides the user the right to get webfont license when he/she buy any web-enabled desktop font from its site without any exceptions or extra charge.

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