Best 60 Articles About Logo Design and Typography of 2009

Through my observation of sites and blogs in 2009. I had seen a lot of great articles about logo design and typography with controversial topics that deserve reading at least one time. In this article, I have chosen to focus on high quality content for designers and have displayed these with more well known authors.

This round up is collection of Best 60 articles about logo design and typography of 2009 that writen by professional authors from around the world.

World’s Top 10 Most Succesful Logo Designers

Nice article about the best of logo designers in the world which have conquered such professionalism in logo and brand design that they have left a great impact on our community. See who created the most important logo and who have achieved fame in this field.

Evolution of 50 Corporate Brand logos

The article shows the history of the most famous brands around the world. It is let you to know the reason behind famous logos like Apple, Microsoft, BMW… etc. It is shared 50 corporate logo remakes which takes you back to the beginning years when history was about to be crafted.

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Top 33 Best Logo Design Processes of 2009

An overview for designers and students at Logo Talks about the best Logo Design processes which have been published in 2009. In this round up we have coolected 33 of the most popular Logo Design Processes from 2009. Have a look, see how logo designs works and maybe even draw inspiration for your own logo design.

Time Lapse Study

Video shows creating a logo for a company is quite a task to undertake each time. Process goes from simple doodling, sketching to creating a vector model of the logo in Illustrator. Watch this  video to see the whole process of creating logo.

Designer : Richard Darell

sponsr logo design process

David Pache display the process of making logo and type for company called sponsr from Orlando,Florida connecting sponsors to event promoters, venues and producers. This process serves as an insight into his creative designs.

Designer : David Pache

Zee Logo in Illustrator

Zee is brazilian company. It is one of those rare companies that does things fast, without much talk, and with better results than expected. This process show how to make nice logo in Illustrator

Designer : Fabio Sasso

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Arabic Latin Logo Adaptation

I find it most irritating to look at all those badly done Arabic versions of there Latin counterparts. The lack attention given to detail that will in some cases even make the Arabic logo stronger than their Latin original. As graphic designers and visual communicators we need to step up and start working harder to strengthen the Arab script visual identity. We can no longer say that the market knows no better… That is an excuse for either our lack of time, ability, or effort. Nothing more…

In this article we will attempt to highlight only a few points that maybe able to help us achieve this. To do this we have to start from the beginning. So before starting with anything, lets quickly recap a little history of the Arabic script and its rules…

Some History

Arabic script includes many languages and it is the second most commonly used script after Latin. It includes 28 basic letters, and is the only script that still uses its vocalisation marks as a means to differentiate some words from others. It also includes countries such as Afghanistan, Arab countries, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Indian regions where the Pashtu language is used.

Islamic calligraphy mainly became an art during the Islamic empire, not only because of religious belief, but also due to the weight the calligrapher felt when writing the “word” of God. A calligrapher by the name of ‘Ibn Muqla’ was the first to perfect Islamic calligraphy by creating proportions and standardising Arabic letters. It was called the “Alif Module”.

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The Ultimate List of Logo Design on Wikipedia


Below are the best logo design articles and links (more than 100) which i find on Wikipedia. It is good guide for you when you need to research about logo design, you can say it is all about logo design on Wikipedia. “PS: Not all these subjects has directly related to logo design.. but the designer can benefit from them in other way

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Logo design process of Destinations Of The World Co.


I have finished from new logo design project for company called “Destinations Of The World” for Traveling and Tourism.

The Creative Brief :

Destinations Of The World is a company that provide a set of services like traveling and tourism.

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