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Effectiveness of Social Media: Royal Wedding vs. Bin Laden [INFOGRAPHIC]

Branding is vital when it comes to social media. Last month, two of the hottest and biggest news that grabbed the headlines all over the world were the Royal Wedding and the death of Osama bin Laden. So how does the branding of Royal Wedding? and how the Social Media coverage the death of Bin Laden? This infographic can provide clear comparisons and explanations on the extent of social media coverage of the two most talked about events – the Royal Wedding vs bin Laden.

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Do You Have a Branding Strategy?

Photo by: Mukumbura

All business owners know that the marketplace is highly competitive. Product identity and brand are of paramount importance to any business owner. If you fail to honor this then your identity will be lost in the masses of the marketplace. Here are some strategic points from Sparks on branding strategy.

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Top 100 brands by social media engagement


Did you know what is the biggest brands which do the great job with social media on the internet? Charlene Li provide a new study of the Altimeter Group and Wetpaint ranks the top 100 brands by social media engagement.

The report talk about the famous and top 100 brands through more than 10 social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, wikis and blogs.

This report adopted in the evaluation of its on a points and Starbucks scored the highest with 127 points.  The top ten brands are :

1. Starbucks (127)
2. Dell (123)
3. eBay (115)
4. Google (105)
5. Microsoft (103)
6. Thomson Reuters (101)
7. Nike (100)
8. Amazon (88)
9. SAP (86)
10.Yahoo!/Intel (85)

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Most 20 Books You should read them – Part 3

Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication (By: Maggie Macnab)

About the book :

Decoding Design

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Most 20 Books You should read them – Part 1

In fact, there are a lot of books of design ( logos and Graphics)  in the world  you must read them.


It is a good question. As a designer, Why you should read these books?

On the one hand, these more than books. I rating them as resources for any designer.

On the other hand, you need to improve the ways of your inspiration. and the reading is one of these ways.. maybe is the best.

I have a wish list on Amazon , i update it Continuously. ( you must have one and update it from time to time)

Are these books for beginners designers?

No, most of them apt to all designers at various levels . There are a books so in depth that let’s the beginner designer make more efforts to get it. it is not easy, You must make some efforts.

Now, i will review 6 out of 20 books in both graphic Design and Logo design

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