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The Importance of Your Brand Colors

Photo by: SallyFort

No aspect of design, be it for a product, a logo, or a website, influences a customer’s opinion as much as color. On a completely subconscious level, the color used has a significant impact on what the consumer thinks, and people will find a company offputting that does not use the right color in the right way to match what they are selling. The effort you put into picking a color scheme for your company might be the best investment you ever make.

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The World’s Most Valuable Brands for 2011

BrandFinance released brand valuation company’s list of the top 500 global brands for 2011. Google has been topped the list of the top 500 global brands which released in the annual report for BrandFinance.

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Breakaway Brands of 2010

The picture from Landor

For the fifth consecutive year, Landor publish its study about the stories behind the Top 10 most successful brands. This year’s report proves no exception as it celebrates the revitalization of classic brands like Disney and Kraft Foods in concert with twenty-first-century icons such as BlackBerry and Clif Bar – As the report said.
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