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Elementar Font System

The screen and printer usually used different resolutions. In additional to the differences between operating systems. For example: Apple Mac has a default resolution of 72 dpi, and a Windows PC a default resolution of 96 dpi, whereas printed material is likely to have a resolution of 1200 dpi and upwards. So, The font that designed in scalable size (bezier-curves) does not look good on low resolution monitors because there were not enough pixels available to display the subtlety and style inherent within the font descriptions.

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Arabic Font Specimen Book


Arabic Font Specimen Book is a great guide and resource that help the designer, scholar and  searcher to know what Arabic calligraphy has? what is the kind of typeface in arabic? How to use the font when you deal with arabic clients ?


This documentation about Arabic fonts which is why it is not always easy to find the design or production source of the fonts offered on the market and/or their technical specifications.

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