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29 of The Best Logo Design Processes of 2010

Logo designers from around the world have designed hundreds of logos in 2010. Students, professionals, and agencies have been working hard this past year to provide their greatest and most professional work to their clients. Now that 2010 has been finished, it’s time to create a report that lists the best logo design processes of the year. (Check out Top 33 Best Logo Design Processes of 2009)

Logo Talks will provide an overview for professional designers and students of the year’s best logo design processes. We have rounded up 29 of the most popular logo design processes of 2010 in our report. Feel free to take a look and see how these designs work. You may even draw inspiration for your own designs.

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The Logo Design Process for Logo Talks

I believe the first step to establish successful and effective start-up is to design timeless logo and brand. Unfortunately, The business’s owners and alot of people do not understand exactly how the a good logo is important and how it is important to their business. Actually, I spent alot of time in thinking and brainstorm to find high quality concept and professional logo design for Logo Talks. Therefore, I could not publish the logo when i launched Logo Talks in the beginning of 2010, till i finalising the design. Here is my design process and a walkthrough of how the final logo is created.

The Design Brief:

One of the reasons that let me to delay to publish the logo is the aims and message of Logo Talks. I was busy to setting the goals for Logo Talks. Here is a bit of background information on Logo Talks:

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Top 33 Best Logo Design Processes of 2009

An overview for designers and students at Logo Talks about the best Logo Design processes which have been published in 2009. In this round up we have coolected 33 of the most popular Logo Design Processes from 2009. Have a look, see how logo designs works and maybe even draw inspiration for your own logo design.

Time Lapse Study

Video shows creating a logo for a company is quite a task to undertake each time. Process goes from simple doodling, sketching to creating a vector model of the logo in Illustrator. Watch this  video to see the whole process of creating logo.

Designer : Richard Darell

sponsr logo design process

David Pache display the process of making logo and type for company called sponsr from Orlando,Florida connecting sponsors to event promoters, venues and producers. This process serves as an insight into his creative designs.

Designer : David Pache

Zee Logo in Illustrator

Zee is brazilian company. It is one of those rare companies that does things fast, without much talk, and with better results than expected. This process show how to make nice logo in Illustrator

Designer : Fabio Sasso

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Logo design process of Destinations Of The World Co.


I have finished from new logo design project for company called “Destinations Of The World” for Traveling and Tourism.

The Creative Brief :

Destinations Of The World is a company that provide a set of services like traveling and tourism.

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