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Most 20 Books You should read them – Part 1

In fact, there are a lot of books of design ( logos and Graphics)  in the world  you must read them.


It is a good question. As a designer, Why you should read these books?

On the one hand, these more than books. I rating them as resources for any designer.

On the other hand, you need to improve the ways of your inspiration. and the reading is one of these ways.. maybe is the best.

I have a wish list on Amazon , i update it Continuously. ( you must have one and update it from time to time)

Are these books for beginners designers?

No, most of them apt to all designers at various levels . There are a books so in depth that let’s the beginner designer make more efforts to get it. it is not easy, You must make some efforts.

Now, i will review 6 out of 20 books in both graphic Design and Logo design

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