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Responsive Typography is Easy with WebRTC

Responsive Typography

Have you ever noticed that a favorite website of yours looks different when viewed in your mobile browser as opposed to your laptop’s browser? Perhaps the buttons are larger and easier to view in the mobile browser, or the text is larger than it is when viewed from a laptop? These changes in web design are called responsive design, and they have sprung up in response to the wide variety of devices that consumers now use to browse the internet.

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Legibility: Print vs. Electronic Media


Photo by: Isaías Loaiza

If the point of readability in typography is to improve the visual flow of words, thus providing a smoother reading experience overall, ligatures can improve this flow by eliminating the problem of letter crashes and obtrusive spacing between letters to avoid the same, as in the case of ff, fl, and fi ligatures, making words containing these letter combinations simultaneously more legible and readable.

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