Top 100 brands by social media engagement


Did you know what is the biggest brands which do the great job with social media on the internet? Charlene Li provide a new study of the Altimeter Group and Wetpaint ranks the top 100 brands by social media engagement.

The report talk about the famous and top 100 brands through more than 10 social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, wikis and blogs.

This report adopted in the evaluation of its on a points and Starbucks scored the highest with 127 points.  The top ten brands are :

1. Starbucks (127)
2. Dell (123)
3. eBay (115)
4. Google (105)
5. Microsoft (103)
6. Thomson Reuters (101)
7. Nike (100)
8. Amazon (88)
9. SAP (86)
10.Yahoo!/Intel (85)

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Melbourne’s new logo was inspired by another! – Interview with Raja Sandhu


Have you ever heard about case called Dejavu (Déjà vu), This is what happening to Raja Sandhu (friend and logo designer) and other designers, when they  seen the new logo of Melbourne city .

Raja Sandhu was designed a logo for Merchant Logix before 5 years ago. and it is look like the new logo of Melbourne city. Maybe it was inspired by logo design of Merchant Logix.!!

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Arabic Font Specimen Book


Arabic Font Specimen Book is a great guide and resource that help the designer, scholar and  searcher to know what Arabic calligraphy has? what is the kind of typeface in arabic? How to use the font when you deal with arabic clients ?


This documentation about Arabic fonts which is why it is not always easy to find the design or production source of the fonts offered on the market and/or their technical specifications.

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Google Wave


Google has declare about the new logo of its new product Google Wave that helps users communicate and collaborate on the web.

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Mother’s Day Logos

The modern Mother’s Day holiday was created by Anna Jarvis, as a day to honor mothers and motherhood, especially within the context of families, and family relationships. It is now celebrated on various days, in many parts of the world.

As usual Google and other companies are celebrate in this day. Below you will see some logos about Mother’s Day, enjoy..!!


Logo Design Process Of Makkah Opportunities

I completed a new logo design project for small business called “Makkah Opportunities”. It is about Investment Opportunities of Makkah city. This design is part of my works on Logos Guide Studio


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