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We don’t design logos. We build brands     

Time to help you build yours.

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Brand Story and DNA structure     

Capture the hearts and minds of your audience through simple and impactful words describing what your brand stands for.

This part comes first in your brand identity document. It aims at simply framing your brand emotionally in the hearts and minds of the brand’s stakeholders. Starting from your own team, suppliers, customers and investors. After reading this, your audience should have a pretty precise idea about the brand values and why are you doing what you do

Branding Foundation      

In this part of Branding Services, we lay down the basic information about your brand so customers know more about your brand.

The branding foundation is an essential cornerstone of your brand identity. It’s the section where your brand core values, brand intent, purpose come in detail through the help of our creative copywriting team. Being honest and connecting with the primary customer of yours is essential in this stage. All what’s written has to be sincere, true and highly representing the brand and what it stands for in every possible way. Our copywriting teams can help ink your thoughts on paper in a very beautiful and mind blowing way.

Brand Mark    

The devil lies in the details, so does the beauty.

In this technical section of the brand identity we detail the artistic aspects of your brand. Starting with the brand logo and its wordmark, brand symbol all the way to the full corporate signature. In addition to that, the Brand Mark section illustrates the logo space rules, logo sizes, logo colors, reverse colors, color palette and concept. 

Digital Applications     

Give your business the professional and consistent looks to raise brand awareness, recall and bring back customers to your digital store or online social media page.

In this section of the brand identity guidebook we propose the digital adaptation of the produced brand identity. The aim is always to achieve consistency and maintain a solid customer experience across different platforms, both digital and physical. The branding guideline book provides open source files for 

  • Social media posts templates
  • Social media page cover photos
  • Story designs
  • Presentation template 
  • Website suggested templates (look and feel)
  • Email signature

Print Applications   

First impressions last. Let’s help you get an amazing one with a beautiful business card.

Applying the logo mark and assets on printable designs is like bringing the lines and the dots into life. Consistency shows greatly in this part of the brand identity guideline. 

As part of the deliverables, you get open source design for a full set of corporate printable like 

  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • envelope
  • invitation card
  • blocknote
  • ID
  • Bag
  • Giveaways of your choice
  • Poster
  • Seal, 
  • Rollups
  • Flyer

We are absolutely open to adding or replacing any of the aforementioned with other deliverables which better suit your business needs.

We are ready to start building your brand, are you?