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We build brands for a living     

Despite our love for marketing generally, branding reserves its place in our hearts and minds rent free. With us, your brand is in the safe hand of experts.


Who we are     

Logo Talks is a creative branding agency located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has representatives in a few countries around the world. We specialise in corporate branding, personal branding, website development and social media management.

It’s a single piece of vision we all share at Logo Talks: every brand, no matter how young or small, has a unique story worth telling. We help brands of all levels build their unique visual identity that communicates their values, promises and their inspiring stories. Brand identities aren’t exclusive for big brands with deep pockets. 

Mission: dedicate our knowledge and experience to help build a brand identity that brings back results.

Brand Promise: every single project is a priority with full due diligence executed and premium satisfactory results achieved.

Our Approach      

Starting with the end in mind is our go to motto throughout the journey of building your brand. We start with identifying the ultimate goal behind the branding exercise. What are the KPIs and the motives for branding in the first place? Then we start tracing down the line of thoughts and brainstorming ideas to get us there.

This happens through careful understanding of your business, its challenges, aspirations, goals and targets. It also dictates a great deal of studying the market, the competition and what it communicates. All this contributes to the final result coming out relevant and serving the overall purpose of the branding exercise and positively pushing the brand steps towards its goals.

What We Do     


Communication Strategy

Personal Branding

Web Development

Social Media Management

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Our Process     


At first, we get to know your brand's story. You will tell us everything about the unique USPs and competitive edges, what are your brand's values, what do you want people to know and feel about your brand. Also, your goals, achievements, and competition.


Nothing can be done without looking at the background first. We research your industry, trends, customer behavior, and anything related to what your brand stands for.

Sketching and initial logo proposal

This is the part where all the creativity kicks in. Our teams of illustrators come up with a primary logo based on the research and the briefing. We usually propose to you two to three options to pick from.


Here is your turn to tell us what you think of our suggested logo and if you need to add or change anything.

Logo and Brand Identity Creation

Once we agree on the final logo together, we move forward to create the full brand identity. Which we promise to be unique and speak for your brand.

Our Partners     

Frequently Asked Questions   

What does a branding agency do?

A branding agency will help you create branding guidelines that are precise, accurate, detailed, and augment your brand story. And can allow your brand to acquire one of the essential marketing assets; corporate branding identity. This will serve as the guideline that ensures your brand’s consistent look and feel across various channels and communication media.

Building a professional and consistent brand identity can enhance various areas in your business-like

  1. Brand Identity & Design Corporate Guideline
  2. Build Brand DNA
  3. Create Brand Strategy
  4. Design Company logos
  5. Brand Awareness
  6. Personal Branding
  7. Rebranding existing businesses
  8. Establishing brand positioning.
  9. Design, tone, and style guidelines for brands.
  10. A social media strategy for the company that is consistent with its brand identity.
  11. Website Development

What should I expect from a branding agency?

Focused, integrated marketing that encompasses all aspects of the company and brand

  1. You can create a consistent brand expression using set guidelines and standards.
  2. Clear branding goals and objectives
  3. A strategy that builds trust through targeted communications

How much does it cost to work with a branding agency?

Most agencies will charge project rates based on the size and deliverables starting from $1,500 up to $50,000 and more.

Why do you need a branding agency?

A brand agency works to revise, redefine, renew and reconnect your brand with your stakeholders. A brand agency uses research, strategy messaging, design, and planning to help you create a brand that you can be proud to show off and helps your business grow.

What services do branding agencies provide?

The best branding agencies help define your business’s mission and products.

One brand can be presented on many platforms, including:

  • Brand identity 
  • logo design
  • web design  
  • Websites
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Advertisements campaign 
  • Social media management 
  • Blogs and Content Marketing
  • More!

Top branding agencies can help you create a strong brand.

  • Make a brand strategy.
  • Design a logo.
  • Make a brand guidebook that provides visual and written guidance for presentation.
  • Spread the brand across all channels and platforms.

Consistent branding is what the best companies do. This helps people identify your products and your business more efficiently and establish a human connection with you.

I would like to work with Logo Talks. How do we get started?

We are always glad to assist. Contact us via email (hello[at] or call us at +60 14 2350 963. Our consultants are fluent in English, Arabic Turkish, Malay, Malay, and Turkish. Get a free quote now.

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