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Your delicious meal of branding comes with some interesting sides, too.

Our team has accumulated a substantial sum of experience from various areas of business, industries and countries. All this will serve as a bonus takeaway when working with us.

We got the capability to advise on different areas of business and give some hand outside our scope of work as branding consultants.


We don’t design logos. We help you show the world your brand story through branding. Standing out in today’s cluttered market is only achieved through consistent and professional branding that helps you cut through the noise

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Communication Strategy     

 logo design without a strategy isn’t more than a pleasure for the eyes. We help you create a communication strategy in a perfect match with your branding to substantially grow your customer base and enhance your bottom line.

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Personal Branding     

Do you want to position yourself as an expert in your field? Aspiring to be influential in your industry and climb up the corporational ladder? Let’s help you create an awesome personal brand that will get you there.

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Web Development     

It’s impossible to have a business in today’s world without having a website. At Logo Talks, we help you build your website that goes in line with your visual identity and is also Google and SEO friendly. Simple and sweet.

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Social Media Management  

Effective social media content management brings you consistent business and leads. Let’s help you explore and unlock the full potential of a result driven social media management.

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Graphic Design     

In line with your brand guidelines, we will creatively craft your whole set of marketing applications to stand out. The brand applications include

  • Marketing Applications Collaterals
  • Corporate Profile
  • Idea Visualisation and Presentation Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Packaging and Label Design
  • Annual Report
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Laura SalzmannMarketing Director, Divine Residence - Kenya

We chose Logo Talks as they had all the services we needed to complete the project. They've also been very professional throughout, keeping a structured approach and maintaining the highest quality.”

Mohamed MahmoudCEO, Oriental Home - Morocco

We trust Logo Talks as our preferable Branding agency because of creativity and quick turnaround times. We have tried Logo Talks on different projects, and they always provided us with very unique branding that matches our positioning and strategy.

Majeed MashalyCEO, Vaal Real Estate - Kenya

The team is friendly, professional, determined to help. Logo Talks helped us on our project and went above and beyond to help us find the right Branding Direction. They have an excellent account management team and quick turnaround times.

Abdulrahman AbdullahCEO, Elegant Casa - Algeria

Logo Talks listens to what we have briefed them and makes it a reality - better than we could ever imagine. Their attention to detail is unmatched, and their willingness to go the extra mile is second to none.

Mohamed TarekCEO, IET Solutions - Qatar

LogoTalks is always reliable and able to fulfill our design needs without compromising quality or price. It's easy to work with them because they are so passionate about what they do.

Datin ElleManaging Director, Kahve International - Malaysia

Logo Talks deserves a huge thank you. They listened to what we wanted and suggested the best solution for our Business consulting firm Kahve. They were very responsive and helpful. We were very pleased with the branding and website design and will definitely use your services again on our coming projects.

Dr. Abelaziz MohammedProfiDent & ProfiKids Clinics - Germany

I wanted to thank you for your support at launching our new dental and pediatric clinics in Germany. It was a pleasure to work with Logo Talks. We are grateful for your support and Branding services.

Monica HabibProject Manager, Etqan Consulting - UK

We have a great working relationship that has grown from the initial projects to Logo Talks being the main agency of Etqan Consulting, we are now recommending them to all our clients without hesitation

Hagar IsmaelCEO, Bowls Station - Malaysia

We were delighted to work with the Logo Talks team. Their Branding guidelines are very comprehensive; they have covered all the deliverables that we need to lunch our brand. I have complete confidence in their ability to pull off all the stops to make things happen. They are an absolute joy to work alongside, and I would recommend them to everyone.

RizalBig Boss Cafe - Malaysia

Logo Talks agency was a great choice for us for Social Media Managment as we wanted to improve our online presence. They were able to do all of that and more. We started with Instagram and Facebook. They make it easy for you to increase your online presence. And because they are experts in the field, they keep abreast of technological advancements and trends so that you can focus on running your Business.

Uniqe LimMarketing Manager , Grilled Chicken House - Malaysia

Their creativity and imagination were unmatched when it comes to coming up with ideas for the restaurant branding. Their support and help throughout the entire lunching were exceptional.

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