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6 Social Media Tools You Should Consider

  • 3 software that enhances the brand’s visuals:

    1. Freepik

    2. Motionarray

    3. Canva

  • 3 software that enhances the brand’s performance, content creation, scheduling, and analysis

    1. Hubspot

    2. Hootsuite

    3. Sproutsocial

I don’t have to ask you. Of course, you know Evernote, that famous To-Do software, how effective it is, and how its users always have the best experience of all To-Do apps. Let me tell you this, they use a social media marketing tool for their branding that enhances their visibility and works on their marketing on social media channels. Also, Edelman, the award-winning global public relations consultancy firm, and Vice Media Group.

Since social media channels have possessed a large portion of the process of branding lately, it has become important to search for tools that will ease your branding mission on them.

And here’s 6 suggested ones, you get to choose from. But before you do, answer this question: What do you need from a social media branding tool? To organise your work, schedule your content, to collect the data of your customers, extract data sheets, and maybe analyse the return of all that. Or just to promote your visual identity? Choose what suits you, according to your company’s requirements and performance.

3 softwares that enhance the brand’s visuals:

Let’s be honest, the added value of products and services is the long-term success that a brand would achieve. It is what makes the brand last longer and be recommended by consumers to others. But the brand’s visuals are the first thing an eye catches in the brand. Some brands wouldn’t even be seen for how their visual identity is boring or created out of relaxing colours that eyes are neutrally skipping on social media and scrolling down to next. So, creating eye-catching visual elements for the brand is the first step to receiving interactions, requests, connections, and building a base of customers.

Freepik, promotional photos and designs, ready for your use, eye-catching, colourful, elegant, and awesome for ad campaigns. A large variety of designs are free, so you can use them totally free and still get fancy elements. And the premium plan is only $10/monthly.

Motionarray, added an even better feature, which is the ability to create promotional videos. Only a few elements are free there, so you’ll get to pay for one of the plans. The annual plan that costs $20/monthly is the best.

Canva, the most popular and easiest to use if you have a lack of designers and need fast production. The free plan gives you a variety of elements, but the annual one is even better, which costs $425.

3 softwares that enhance the brand’s performance, content creation, scheduling, and analysis.

Hootsuite, enables you to create content plans, schedule and publish posts on all social media platforms from one place. Manages incoming messages from multiple social channels. Promote your organic content, manage paid advertisements, track your progress across all social networks, and keep you informed of market trends and competitors. It also has an academy for your social media team to be equipped with the knowledge they need to fulfil their mission.

Adding to all that, they’ve got a CRM service. And if you still don’t know what CRM is,

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management, a process in which a business or other organisation administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analysis to study large amounts of information.

Simply, it’s a system for collecting data from the brands’ customers and analysing it to get better targeting, sales, and revenue. And it’s almost a better customer service system that helps the company keep real customers loyal, and get it closer to look-alike customers.

Hootsuite’s CRM is one of the most commonly used, and that is a big advantage.

Hubspot, adding to their successful CRM system Hubspot software that comprises: scheduling posts on all social media channels from the same place, SEO analysis, sales, marketing (such as email marketing and land pages), creating chat bots, workflow software for the team. All that and more, free services are fair enough, but real benefits come out of the paid plans, and those will pretty much cost you a big budget.

Sproutsocial, I think, is the newest among them, but also the brightest and easiest for users. A successful CRM system, planning and scheduling content on all social platforms, analysis, marketing and advertising tools, and a system that makes team communication easier for a better workflow. Adding to all that, they work on enhancing the customer experience at your brand. But their plans are expensive.

How to choose a branding tool that suits your brand?

Before you know how, remember that each of the branding tools mentioned has an academy for educating social media branding teams. Some of these academies’ courses are certifying learners, and most of them are for free, so, for you and for your team, you’ll need to go through some of these courses to increase your knowledge of marketing, social media, content, and the software available on the market. Choose your social media branding tool on the basis of: Your company’s budget for branding on social media. How skilled is your team? As previously mentioned, tools are replacing human resources if there’s a lack of them, or they’re not skilled enough. After all, even branding tools need a skilled user to get the best out of them. So, to keep it balanced, a skilled team with a good budget for branding tools, will be a good equation.  Your branding strategy. A small business that covers a city, not like a business planning to reach the globe. Set your goals, draw your plans, and create your strategy to know what you might need from social media tools.

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